Stone House: a sale with art in the heart

Stone House: a sale with art in the heart

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Hariet Nijhuis tells us about the sale of Stone House, a farmhouse in Sarteano which found its new owner thanks to the strong collaborations of the Great Estate network.

Every new owner has a story to tell and T’s is made of art and love for the historic villages of the province of Siena, an area where he lived for many years cultivating his passion for painting.

Hariet Nijhuis, consultant for the Great Estate group specialized in managing international buyers, shares how the search for a new home began for T, who wanted to stay in this poetic area of Tuscany after selling the property he previously lived in.

“The client, an artist, comes from an important property, a large farmhouse in the countryside: he was looking for a less demanding solution but still spacious and equipped with a studio where he could work on his creations.
When we met he was in the midst of research and had contacts with various agencies, but over time he decided to rely more and more on me and Great Estate.

So the search continued, leading Hariet and T. to visit around fifteen properties with desired characteristics, until the collaboration with Chiara Pompili, the international consultant responsible for the Cetona office, came into play.

Just as they were about the visit a property managed by her, Chiara had the opportunity to discover a new proposal: Stone House, an elegant farmhouse a few steps from the center of Sarteano, equipped with a garden and with the precious characteristic of being ready immediately to be inhabited and experienced.

Proposing Stone House to T. was a winning intuition: from the first visit, it was clear that the property was exactly the right one, although different from the initial search. The comfort, the tastefully furnished spaces, a pleasant outdoor area and the possibility of living a few steps from a historic center where you can enjoy the typical lifestyle of Tuscan villages, won over T. and made the sale possible in record time.

Right in the historic center of the nearby village of Cetona, T. returned to his origins, reopening his studio in the same place where he previously worked, in a place capable of inspiring and bringing art closer to people.

The story of how Hariet and Chiara guided T. in the realization of his projects, demonstrates how the network’s internal collaborations are a winning lever for prospecting the perfect property at the right time and thus encouraging a quick and successful sale.

From the sale of Stone House a new opportunity arose: the former owners, in fact, purchased a new home, again thanks to the consultancy of Chiara Pompili, in the intimate, poetic and history-rich territory of beautiful Cetona.

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