Synergistic gardening, an easy way for “natural” cultivation of land

Synergistic gardening, an easy way for “natural” cultivation of land

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Synergistic gardening is becoming extremely popular in Italy because of the returning of rural tradition, focused on preferring of natural products that, therefore, are useful for our body. Unlike traditional cultivation, requiring the heavy use of chemicals, the synergic gardening is as natural as it can ever be.
There are four golden rules for this type of cultivation:
1)Work with land not disturbing it, either with compacting or with fertilizing; make very big pallets for transplantation or sowing and rows between the pallets for moving across without stepping on the ground.
2)The garden must always be covered, or rather in a forest where even weeds and other soil microorganisms are growing freely.
3)The characteristic “natural” garden provides the non-use of any chemical or organic elements because the land itself is fertilized in a contact with the remains of other crops.
4)Finally, the “synergy” is precisely defined by all the elements of nature; in fact, there are many different species among them. The secret lies in the recreating of harmony between the different variations that come into contact, in this way each plant autonomously produces the sustenance necessary for another one.

In areas rich in greenery, like Umbria and Tuscany, there are many realities for development of these new forms of business, involving the cultivation and selling of absolutely genuine fruits and vegetables.

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