Montieri, Eco-Friendly Village and Tuscan Mining Geopark

Montieri, Eco-Friendly Village and Tuscan Mining Geopark

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Montieri, the famous village in the province of Grosseto, is placed on the northern side of the namesake mountain.

The landMontieri, Eco-Friendly Village and Tuscan Mining Geopark around the village has preserved intact its antique wild charm, composed of breathtaking views and lush vegetation, rich in forests of beech, chestnut and oak. This natural wonder is interspersed only occasionally by visible signs of the mining history of the village that has seen thousands of years. Really, Montieri used to be a triumphant mining castle, thanks to the richness of its soil, full of minerals (sulphides) containing silver and copper. In fact, its main wealth has always been the mining activity (especially pyrite, lead, silver) that ended only in 1920, with the closure of the mine Campiano.

Montieri, Eco-Friendly Village and Tuscan Mining GeoparkExactly the geomorphology of the territory of Montieri has brought it the title of UNESCO Geopark: from 2014, Montieri, thus assuming the robes and the status of eco-friendly village, has been included to Geoparco delle Colline MetallifereTuscan Mining Geopark, accredited ECST (European Charter for Sustainable Tourism): the public and private buildings are heated through a special geothermal steam heating plant, thus promoting energy saving, greatly increasing thermal efficiency, and decreasing the environmental impact. The village of Montieri lies in the widest Italian geothermal basin, thus giving life to a project that fully reflects the principles of the Green Economy. Let’s remember that Recall that Tuscan Mining Geopark is composed not only of Montieri, but also of six other municipalities of Grosseto: Follonica, Gavorrano, Massa Marittima, Monterotondo Marittimo, Roccastrada and Scarlino.

Montieri is a perfect starting point for wine tours, as well as for visiting of the most important and famous cities of Tuscany (Siena, Volterra and San Gimignano are around 60 km, while the nearest beaches are 35 km away); it is the territory for relaxing walks on horseback, by bicycle or on foot, as well as for discovering the intact, natural and fascinating sites.

It’s exactly close to Montieri that we find a lovely farmhouse that Great Estate had the pleasure to sell recently: a restored and refined country house, immersed in greenery, with olive grove and fruit trees.

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