Who is the typical international buyer? GATE-AWAY reveals it

Who is the typical international buyer? GATE-AWAY reveals it

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International buyers’ interest for Italy continues to be strong and vibrant. The Gate-Away.com portal had revealed the “typical international customer” identikit

Even if the Italian real estate market seems to show only small signals of improvement, the number of potential customers/buyers who would like to invest in Italy is increasing. Their main reasons are two: buying here their dream house, for spending their holidays and/or moving there (this is the option that American costumers choose the most).
For this reason, it is essential for a group like Great Estate Immobiliare to focus its attention basically on the international buyers. This is the daily commitment of the group headed by Stefano Petri, the CEO, who, with more than 80 consultants, runs professionally and with great results the trade of prestigious properties whose buyers are mainly international.   Regarding this, Great Estate offers several services to its buyers, so, to learn more about it, we recommend you to consult the pertinent section in our website greatestate.it.
One of the most important international portals, Gate-Away.com, offers us a great help to better understand who is the typical foreign buyer looking for a second home in Italy. Gate-Away.com, which promotes Italian property only to foreign customers, represents a good tool used by Great Estate group to propose its prestigious properties to its international clients.
Gate-Away.com has analyzed its access data. From this analysis, very interesting elements have emerged, because they allow us to create an “international-customer-interested-in-investing-in-Italy” identikit.

Who is the typical international buyer?

The international buyer is aged between 45 and 60, has a good education and is an art, history and Italian culture lover.

What kind of property does he look for?

For sure, the first place among the most researched properties goes to the independent ones, mainly to farmhouses or masserie, ready to move in and/or already renovated; less frequently the interest is also in apartments with two or three bedrooms, properties to be restored or partially renovated. Just a small 10% of the searches is addressed to the ex-novo buildings (this category is chosen for investments, maybe by inserting the property into the real estate market).

Casale “La Dimora Di Ulisse” a Cetona, Siena

Which location?

The international customer is very sure about the location: his/her dream house should be surrounded by nature and, at the same time, it should be far away from the more crowded and common touristic areas. More frequently, the ideal home is situated inland, in those areas that allow people to reach quickly the sea, mountains or lake locations. Moreover, it is better if there’s a good connection with the major urban centers and with all the utilities present in the area. Buying a property in these “less urbanized” locations often means having the opportunity to buy a bigger property at a lower price.

And.. what budget to invest?

The most requested houses from the typical international buyer cover several price bands.

According to Gate-Away.com, 34,6% of requests is addressed to property up to 100.000 €; 29,3% to the ones between 100.000 € and 250.000 €; 18,4% to the

ones between 250.000 € and 500.000 €; 8% between 500.00 and 1.000.000 €. The 9,7% of the requests is addressed to property whose value exceeds 1.000.000 €.
If you desire to buy your prestigious property in Italy too, entrust Yourself to Great Estate group and our services. For more information, contact our head office or visit our website greatestate.it.

We will be glad to help you find your dream property at the best price and with the best expert advice.

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