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Mortgage inspections: everything you need to know, and the assistance provided by Great Estate

Mortgage inspections: why it’s important in a real estate sale and how it can be obtained.

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The fundamental importance of a property Due Diligence during a negotiation

Surveyor Alessandro Giulianelli, service partner of G.E., dives into the issue related to the procedure of the Due Diligence of a property.

Corte di Cassazione judgment no. 8230/2019: how the nullity of notarial deeds of unauthorized buildings changes

Were you convinced that it was not possible to sell unauthorized properties and that this resulted in the nullity or annulment of the notarial deed?A recent judgment of the United Sections of the Italian Corte di Cassazione has changed the

Visura ipotecaria: everything you need to know and the assistance from Great Estate

Have you decided to purchase a beautiful property in the countryside or sell your villa by the sea? Do you want to be sure that the sale goes through?Then it is essential for you to have a visura ipotecaria (Property

The sale of “Il Re Della Valle”: how to properly sell your home

Stefano Petri is going to tell us about the recent sale of “Il Re Della Valle” –  a further confirmation of our Group’s strength: the fundamental importance of a property due diligence and of an objective property estimate. The meeting

Giacomo Migni and the sale of “Podere San Sebastiano”: a very complex negotiation

Giacomo Migni, a real estate consultant from the GE partner agency “Le Case Sul Lago”, is going to tell us about the sale of “Podere San Sebastiano”, signed in August, 9th and for which he dealt with the vendors. I

“Il Giardino Segreto” treasures our last 30 years of life

We interviewed “Il Giardino Segreto” ex-owners who, thanks to the Great Estate group, sold their amazing farmhouse and, after that, purchased a new home into the historic centre of Cetona. The first part of the interview. Welcome every body. We

Messrs. Rapi: the due diligence and international marketing plans importance

An interview to the amazing “Podere San Michele” ex-owners, sold last year in San Gimignano by the Great Estate agent Antonio Anile: Messrs. Rapi reminds us the due-diligence (read here our article about it) and international marketing plans importance for

Due Diligence: the importance of the technical report of a property before its sale and purchase

Underestimating the technical report of a property is a common clients’ mistake, from who we often hear the sentence: ” I am sure that my home and all its papers are already ok”. This is the first thing that Mr.

To sell a Villa for 2,5 million Euro international clients within 6 months

Stefano Petri, the CEO of Great Estate, tells us how to do this It sounds like advertisement but it really happened thanks to the participation of our group in the selling of a beautiful villa in Tuscany The property has