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How much does a mortgage cost? All the taxes of a mortgage to buy a home

There is much talk these days about mortgages, interest rates and spreads so what, in reality, are the costs that you incur if you choose to apply for a mortgage in Italy? Here to explain it in more detail is

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Mortgage rates lowered .Benefits for Property Buyers

Edited by GG The Bank of Italy has noted that interest rates on household mortgage loans for property purchase, has gone down from 3.86% in November to 3.80% in December 2013. Rates on consumer credit loans have also gone down

Fixed, Variable, or Mixed: How to Choose a Mortgage

For many people, the purchase of a property is made by means of a mortgage. Choosing which one can be a dilemma, especially when it comes to choosing between fixed, variable or mixed. It is often unclear what the banks

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