The Great Estate Group sells one of the most beautiful farmhouse in Umbria.Interview with Ms. Ulrike Hangartner

The Great Estate Group sells one of the most beautiful farmhouse in Umbria.Interview with Ms. Ulrike Hangartner

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Today, we interview Ms. Ulrike Hangartner who used the ROMANAS Real Estate Agency of Dr. Riccardo Luculli, partner of the Great Estate Group, for the sale of her beautiful farmhouse located in a natural terrace above Lake Trasimeno in Montecolognola, Magione. The sale was completed just a few days ago.

How did you hear about the Great Estate Group and, more specifically, our partner, Dr. Riccardo Luculli?

Dr. Luculli’s name was given to me by a friend of mine, Marco di Passignano, as well as my daughter who spoke well of Riccardo, explaining that he was a ‘true’ professional! They were right!

Can you tell us what it was like for you to have a farmhouse at Lake Trasimeno in Italy and why you would recommend others to make an investment like this?

It’s a beautiful area and a beautiful country with wonderful people living there; I have lived on the Lake for over 25 years and will remain in the area as I have other properties!

The sale was completed only a few days ago of this beautiful farmhouse through the Great Estate Group within a timeframe of only a few months. Can you tell us your positive or negative impressions on the advice you were given by the Group?

First, I do NOT have any negative impressions! I received clear answers to all my questions, all in an extremely courteous and professional manner, just what I was looking for! And I want to add that I was never brought time wasters which, I have to say, I got with other real estate agencies. Instead they only brought people who were seriously interested in buying!

Do you believe that the Group’s marketing tools offered are up to date and relevant in the current real estate market?

Absolutely yes! I think they are the TOPS from the point of view of the seller: visitor statistics, feedback of actual viewings and, above all, having a valuation that has been shown to be accurate and within current market expectations. This then attracted and brought the buyers. I also found that the recommended marketing plan was exactly what we wanted. This was shown to be correct in that within a few months we sold at the price indicated by Riccardo. I had lost over a year with ‘unrealistic’ valuations from other real estate agencies. The property value was made perfectly clear to me and when I ‘asked for more’, Riccardo, while being nice, replied: “so we will have to wait a few more years before we are able to sell at that price!” and he was right.

Would you recommend our Group to other potential sellers? And if so, why?

I’ve already done it! The Group and the work carried out by everyone, was very efficient!

Could you tell us in a few words your overall experience of the Great Estate Group?

ABSOLUTELY excellent, my experience could not have been any better. I will also give you my email if anyone wants to ask me directly about your services!

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