2020 Stability Law: let’sdiscover all its confirmations and news

2020 Stability Law: let’sdiscover all its confirmations and news

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Do you know which the confirmations and news of the new Stability Law are? You can discover them by reading this special article.

In force since January, 1st 2020, the new Stability Law confirms many incentives and fiscal benefits – the so-called “bonus casa”. On the other hand, it introduces also some important news: let’s discover them.


  • Renovations bonus: it is one of the most used. It concerns the I.R.P.E.F. deductions applied with a 50% rate on a maximum expense of € 96.000. These deductions have a 10-years duration and are addressed to taxpayers who do renovation-, maintenance- and restoration- works.
  • Furniture bonus – deductions on furniture and appliances. As for the renovation works but on a maximum expense of € 10.000, the percentage to be deducted is of about 50%. This bonus is addressed to those who did some renovation works before the purchasing of new furniture and large appliances with an A+ and A class in order to refurbish the property renovated. As for the last year, to obtain this fiscal benefit, the communication of the costs paid for the purchasing of ovens, fridges, dishwashers, induction hobs, dryers and washing machines is needed.
  • 2020-2021 Eco-bonus: for those who realize energy-requalification works on the common part of condominium buildings, an I.R.P.E.F. or I.R.E.S deduction is included. On the basis of the works done, it may vary from 50% to 70% or even 85% in case of works in the condo.
  • Gren Bonus: already confirmed last year, it has been now prorogued. This bonus consists of a 36% deduction for the costs paid for works aimed to the maintenance of the green areas of existent buildings, including also coverings and hanging gardens. The deduction will be divided into 10 annual fees of the same amount, for a maximum of € 5.000 per residential-building-unit. It includes also eventual design and maintenance costs connected to the execution of the works.
  • Earthquake-bonus: this benefit includes taxes which may vary from 70% to 85%. It is aimed to promote works for the safety static and structural consolidation of existing buildings able to guarantee an increase of at least an earthquake risk category.


Surely, the most important is the facades bonus: this bonus is fundamental for those who own a building located in a historic centre (A area), or in a completely or partially-built area (B area). It consists of the 90% deduction of the costs paid for the renovation of the external facades of the above-mentioned buildings, with the exclusion of isolated country estates.

This benefits concerns:

  • Interventions on opaque structures of the facades;
  • Interventions of balconies, ornaments, marbles, and decorations;
  • The façade cleaning;
  • The building external painting;

The second news of Stability Law – art. 70 – is the modification of the “invoice discount” modalities introduced last year. Indeed, since 2020, it will be allowed for interventions of “first-level important renovation” only: concerning the building shell for more than 50% of the total gross dispersant surface of the building, these interventions will also have to include the heating system renovation. It will be also allowed in case of condo communal spaces with an amount of about or more than € 200.000.

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