Do you dream of a brighter home? Tips from Great Estate

Do you dream of a brighter home? Tips from Great Estate

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We reveal 4 precious, practical tips to make your home brighter.

Our house often reflects ourselves, our inclinations and our way of being. However, when we talk about home, there is a sine qua non of general value, the brightness of the rooms: a space full of light immediately transmits the impression of being not only larger, but also more welcoming and comfortable.

Numerous scientific studies demonstrate how natural light acts positively on a person’s psychophysical well-being: improving the functioning of our nervous and immune systems, our mood, and also contributing to decreasing stress levels.

The energy factor should not be underestimated. A house that enjoys natural light will have less need than artificial light: a green house, with significant electricity savings.

So what to do when your home, be it a farmhouse, an ancient villa or an apartment, especially if in the historic center, needs to be enhanced by better management of brightness?

Let’s discover together a series of specific tips and tricks to make your dream home brighter.


To make your home brighter, floors are a fundamental element.
Opt for light and bright: parquet floors (with woods such as maple, birch and pine) or ceramic solutions are ideal. If you don’t have the possibility of replacing the floor, then give free rein to your imagination in choosing carpets: large, designer and light-colored, they will give your home a touch of freshness and light.


If the internal layout of your home does not allow for an open space solution, which ensures a modern and convivial touch to the house as well as intense brightness, then it is best to avoid brick or plasterboard partition walls, preferring glass and plexiglass walls instead.
An alternative solution could be to insert portions of glass or glass block into the walls which, albeit small, increase the passage of light between the different environments.

Glass is also perfectly suited for the creation of doors, parapets and balustrades for stairs, galleries or landings: it allows light to spread more and gives spaces a feeling of spaciousness.

Don’t want to use these particular materials? Then focus on painting the walls of the various rooms, choosing light, lively and crisp nuances. This solution also adapts perfectly to ceilings.
To give greater brightness to old renovated farmhouses, which often have exposed wooden beam ceilings and terracotta tiles, the fundamental measure could be to “lighten” the elements of the ceiling, for example choosing pickled beams.


Make your home brighter with the right objects and furnishings, preferring white, beige, light gray or pastel tones.

Choose furniture in light wood or white paint, with light lines and a slender design of moderate height, so as to allow light and air to enter freely. Finally, the green light is also given to “open” bookcases, to be used as dividing walls. All shiny surfaces are also ideal, as they help to lighten the interior. Mirrors are perfect: they give a sense of depth to the rooms and reflect the light a lot, especially if positioned near the windows.

Finally, let’s not forget the essential accessory: curtains.
If a dark and heavy curtain can be suitable for the bedrooms, preventing light from filtering through, in all the other rooms of the house the best solution to make them brighter is to choose curtains with fluid and light fabrics, perforated or transparent. Colors are essential: white, beige, light gray or bright pastel colors!


If, despite our advice, your home is still not as bright as you would like, then you can focus on artificial light effects. Choose white, which can illuminate the rooms more than yellow. Thanks to LED technology, you can create points of diffused light with economical and low environmental impact solutions.
Then have fun furnishing the rooms with designer light points, such as lamps or wall lights.
Do you have one or more fireplaces? Perfect! They represent an original solution which, in addition to giving warmth to your home, will make it even more welcoming and bright.

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