Living at the lake… living the best!

Living at the lake… living the best!

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Many scientific researches proved that living or even just spend some time near a lake contributes to reduce your stress and increase your happiness and concentration levels.

Wallace J. Nichols, a marine biologist who studied the positive effects of the water on the human brain, claims that the vicinity to the water is not just healthy, but it is even needed by our minds. On the basis of the results obtained during more than 10 years of scientific research, it is clear how the vicinity to the waterin particular to a lake where the pool of water is surrounded by hills, woods, and vegetation – supports the releasing of the so-called “happiness hormones” – dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin.

According to these studies, the simple observation of a place or even a lake landscape is sufficient – including at a subconscious point of view – to reduce the stress level and relax both body and brain.

Probably, it is also because of the traditional phenomenon of the lake landscapes during the fall months: the “foliage”. This is the amazing changing of colours of the trees leaves. Foliage” generates panoramas and breath-taking images that bring benefits to the human body, minds, and soul. Immersed in these amazing contexts, breathing and walking at the open-air reduce the stress and favourites the creation of positive and constructive thoughts.

This positive effect may also influence the performances and concentration of a person: people who live, stand or walk near natural contexts as the lake (surrounded by fields and trees) are able to increase their performances and concentration. They also show higher functional attention.

So… the lake is an ideal place where to live!

The centre of Italy is full of these bodies of water, every one of which able to give you unique panoramas.

We could start from Umbria and its Trasimeno Lake, praised by most of the international press: lastly the famous “Traveler” magazine by National Geographic that describes it as a “rare gem not to be missed” (read here the article).

Moving now in the Lazio region, we will find the “volcanic” Bolsena Lake too. It is located in the north side of the Viterbo province, the so-called Tuscia. The hamlets surrounding it, as well as its two islands – Bisentina and Martana – are rich of history and able to give you incredible panoramas.

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