Lake Trasimeno and surroundings: the magic and sweetness of a territory to be experienced

Lake Trasimeno and surroundings: the magic and sweetness of a territory to be experienced

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Discover the Trasimeno landscape with us: rolling hills, olive groves, vineyards and characteristic villages that shine with history and traditions, where time passes slowly, offering well being and tranquility, for holidays or for life.

Known as “the blue heart of Umbria”, Lake Trasimeno, with the sweetness of its hills and its heart shape, offers a unique panorama, a sweet and relaxing environment, a feat for the eyes from every shore…

Inhabited since prehistoric times, the Trasimeno area has had great political and strategic importance and has seen great powers intervene over the centuries, in battles remembered in history. Among the most important, the one that saw the army of Hannibal and the Roman legions as protagonists, defeated here by the Carthaginians.

Overlooking this splendid natural body of water, marvelous medieval villages blossom, rich in history and traditions.

Castiglione del Lago, with its castle and the medieval walls of Palazzo Ducale, which connects to the Rocca del Leone through a walkway from whose loopholes you can admire the lake.

Castel Rigone, which houses the sanctuary of Maria Santissima dei Miracoli, one of the most important works of the Umbrian Renaissance, a jewel greatly appreciated also for its hilly and wooded countryside, the perfect refuge for those who want privacy and intimacy in contact with nature. For those who love sunsets and evenings in the open air, the small and characteristic village of Monte Del Lago with its panoramic position, its piers and its beaches, offers relaxation, fun and enchanting panoramas. It is located near Magione, a town renowned for the production of wrought copper and for the Castle of the Knights of Malta.

Overlooking the lake, the two villages of Tuoro and Passignano are also worth visiting. Both have a rich heritage of history and traditions and an excellent reception system, to ensure activities, meeting places and moments to devote to taste all year round, especially in summer.

Finally, the villages of Panicale, Paciano and Città Della Pieve riseup among the hills that outline the profile of the Trasimeno: small architectural jewels that make this area rich in tourist and cultural attractions.

The lake is home to three islands, Polvese, Maggiore and Minore, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and a refuge for the many birds that nest in this area, such as cormorants, seagulls and pheasants. Not to be missed is certainly a visit to the Maggiore and Polvese islands, which can be reached all year round by boat. A reminder that Trasimeno has been a Regional Park since 1995. Walking among the oases and reed beds, you can discover the delicate ecosystem of the lake or learn the secrets of the fishermen and their tools, by visiting the Fishing Museum in San Feliciano. Trasimeno also means outdoor sports: bike or horseback riding, trekking, fishing, sailing, canoeing and kit surfing.

The food and wine delicacies of this area also deserve a mention. A typical and varied cuisine: from the Trasimeno bean, slow food presidium since 2000, to the DOP Colli del Trasimeno extra virgin olive oil, from the saffron of Città della Pieve, to the Trasimeno honey, from spelled and legume soups, to Umbricelli goose sauce, cured meats and “torciglione”, a typical dessert of the area. Not to be missed are all the recipes based on lake fish: pike, lattarino, eel, perch and especially queen carp, the most popular fish in the area, and tegamaccio, a delicious fish soup cooked in an earthenware pan.

Trasimeno also boasts an important place in the Italian wine scene with the DOC Colli del Trasimeno and the IGT Umbria. From the reds Gamay, Sangiovese, Pinot Noir, Cilegiolo, Syrah, to the whites Trebbiano and Grechetto.

Deciding today to live or invest in Trasimeno means choosing a slow and sustainable lifestyle, in which the encounter between different cultures is on a country scale, unaffected by mass tourism. Here it is possible to taste authentic specialities in contact with the nature that produces them and always feel embraced by a fairytale landscape.

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