Landscape, history, art and taste: live at your own pace in Val d’Orcia

Landscape, history, art and taste: live at your own pace in Val d’Orcia

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An area recognized by UNESCO for the unique qualities of its landscape and history, for 25 years the second home of the Great Estate group with offices in Montepulciano, Rolling Hills and our new partner, Best Realty.

The unique combination of elements of great value such as landscape, history, art and taste make Val d’Orcia one of the most desired places in Italy, the cradle of good living and Tuscan traditions.

Villages and castles nestled among green hills, winding country roads where the gaze is lost between rows of cypresses and vineyards, tranquility, nature, good food and fin wines: we know this land well and the characteristics that make it so sought-after for purchase of a second home or for a change of lifestyle, a love story that began 25 years ago with the birth of Great Estate.

It is said that the typical Tuscan farmhouse embodies all the peculiarities of the area.
Starting from the natural elements involved in the construction such as wood, stone and the unmistakable terracotta, up to the large expanses of greenery that chase each other in the splendid panoramas, the link between the countryside, its traditions and the splendid properties where it is possible to move for holidays, or for life, it always remains tangible through the ages.

The lifestyle dreamed of by many, in the Val d’Orcia countryside, is more than just one and adapts to the extent of the passions and needs of those who choose it.


Three characteristics most loved by those who want a place to take refuge that is intimate and private, are perfectly reflected in properties such as Il Nido. Surrounded by nothing but greenery, with the nearest village in line of sight, almost a decoration in the uncontaminated landscape, the property is the ideal place to enjoy, without interference, the closes contact with nature and the exclusivity of an open view that embraces the entire valley.


Celebrating the Tuscan tradition with historic furnishings and materials, enhancing it with a skillful country chic touch. We find these characteristics in Podere La Rosa, a property currently used as an accommodation business, made up of a villa from the end of the 1800’s and an outbuilding, embellished by a luxurious garden, a pond and a swimming pool overlooking the hills.


For those who prefer to immerse themselves in the life and color of historic centres, with all services within walking distance and the countryside always in view, for day trips, bike rides and visits to cellars, Great Estate also offers elegant and characteristic apartments such as La Loggetta Su Montepulciano, a beautifully restored property located a few steps from the famous Piazza Grande, which offers an extraordinary view over the Val d’Orcia countryside.

Discover the exclusive proposals of Great Estate

in the magnificent area of Val d’Orcia.

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