A dream castel. Chiara Pompili talks about the next major sale

A dream castel. Chiara Pompili talks about the next major sale

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One Sunday morning, on the 25th of May 2014, I met Paola, and I quickly had the impression of being in the presence of a strong and determined woman with realizing her dream.

We were in Acquasparta (TR), in front of the Castello di Montalbano, a magnificent site of a high historical value dating back to the eleventh century.

The property, which is to be completely renovated, included a magnificent fortified complex with a total area of over 500 square metres, an annex and surrounding land of 6 ha.

We were all very impressed by the property’s history; I myself only knew the property on paper and this was the first time I had visited in person and found myself thinking about how beautiful the property could look with careful restoration.

That first visit was very positive on an emotional level and I think everyone went home with interesting ideas; Paola to Rome, just an hour away from the Castle, and I to Tuscany.

Paola was looking for a property in Umbria with particular features and one in which to renovate to suit her particular taste. It had to have a minimum size of about 400sqm and be situated in a private and prominent location. Indeed, I think we had just viewed a property that had all of these features.

What followed was a discussion on the Castle’s historical and technical material, with various files and documents being examined, trips to Acquasparta and more visits with her husband Enrico and their children. I had the feeling that this was not only to be a purely investment property but a real dream the whole family could share.

At the end of the summer after long and thoughtful reflections, the family signed the proposed purchase contract which was accepted by the seller. They reached the coveted final step (notarial deed of sale) last Wednesday, 18th March 2015.

It was a long and quite a complex negotiation, not so much because of the buyers, who immediately understood their ideal property, but because it was ‘listed’. This ‘listed’ property is protected by specific legislation under the control of the Superintendent of the area. This meant that it was vital that they had to understand what work could and could not be carried out and how it was carried out. The aim was to ensure that everything coincided with the buyers desires.

I am happy today that the process which we experienced together resulted in a positive outcome and that the Great Estate Group helped in a small part to the realization of a dream, of a castle!

Edited by Chiara Pompili and translated by Tanya Pia Starrett

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