A two day “promotional event” at Palazzone

A two day “promotional event” at Palazzone

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A two-day promotional event, initiated by Stefano Petri, CEO of Great Estate recently took place at the groups’ headquarters in Palazzone.

The two-day event is just one of many initiatives being organized by the Great Estate Group to showcase the innovative work and results that have been achieved after a decade of experience within the real estate sector. Part of this drive is also to stimulate curiosity and interest and encourage others to join a professional team that is dedicated to meeting the needs of clients.

The participants at this free event were two real estate agencies, one from San Gimignano and the other from Trentino Alto Adige, which was facilitated by tutor Antonio Anile. An informal dinner allowed the participants to introduce themselves. This was a brief respite before an in depth morning session which covered various topics relating to the Great Estate ‘method’.

Director Stefano Petri wanted to underline the importance of having a well-structured and proven methodology that delivered significant and measurable results. The participants were shown all the online statistics and systems that are available to the group. This monitors the daily workflow for each property and enables real time interventions to be made to improve performance.

The considerable coverage and input across national and international websites, the development of an innovative tool for the assessment of properties such as the ‘The Best Price’ project places Great Estate Group at the forefront of a real estate sector whose market has changed completely. Think of the old road maps you used to use compared to today’s faster and more effective online communication.

And when you say that unity is strength remember that this is not a cliché but a reality that you can touch. This is because every partnership formed in recent years has allowed each member a bit of “give and take” both in terms of personal and economic returns. This then strengthens the individual as well as the partnership.

Edited by Maria Letizia Vigorito and translated by Tanya Starrett

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