The Great Estate sells a charming and picturesque townhouse in the historic centre of Orvieto

The Great Estate sells a charming and picturesque townhouse in the historic centre of Orvieto

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Valter Luciani

This is an interview with Great Estate agent Valter Luciani who describes the sale of the property in the historic centre of Orvieto that took place just a few days ago.

How did the sellers and buyers of the property find out about the Great Estate Group?

Through the internet by browsing on real estate websites. Both the seller and buyer told me that the Great Estate Group appeared repeatedly when searching and they were impressed with the excellent website. The buyers, in particular, thought the property looked interesting with quality and great potential that they had not seen in other properties they had looked at.

Can you tell us what the seller thought about having a property in Orvieto’s historic centre?

This building had been his home where he had spent his entire life so the house was filled with unforgettable and nostalgic childhood memories.

It is a town house located within the historic walls with all the associated local amenities and conveniences expected yet retain a “country charm”. On the ground floor basement there was once a stable with animals and a small outdoor area and upstairs grotto where the owners kept rabbits and chickens. These animals shared the entrance so it was almost like a small farm!

Mr. Franco described this scene to me with so much humour and amusement that you can imagine how funny it would have been to see these animals go up and down the stairs as if they were the tenants of the house!

We know that the sale was concluded just a few days ago through the Great Estate Group. Could you tell us the positive impressions that you got from the sale?

Well the owners had started the sales process privately but this hadn’t led to any concrete results. When the Great Estate Group took over everything changed: I visited the property often with clients and when I arrived I was always greeted with great pleasure and appreciation by the owners. They were discreet and respectful during these visits allowing me to give a meticulous and detailed presentation of this wonderful property to potential buyers.

Do you believe that the marketing tools that the group provides are effective in the current market?


Absolutely yes, both our group and clients are aware of the importance and potential of innovative advertising packages that reach both Italian and international clients. This then produces concrete results both in terms of sales and acquisitions as in the case of this beautiful apartment in Orvieto; an independent town house with a rarely available terrace and impressive outdoor space and a grotto carved into the Orvieto rock.
Loving everything about the property I managed to convey this sense of special value to the buyers by suggesting that the purchase was not just about buying a home but also about buying “a piece of the city” with its ancient origins. The traditional tastes and timeless stories that were part of the history of the house fascinated the buyers and helped to ‘sell the dream’.

Edited by Maria Letizia Vigorito and Valter Luciani and translated by Tanya Starrett

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