Appeal to save London’s skyline

Appeal to save London’s skyline

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Group of Intellectuals have appealed to ‘Save the City’ in the UK ‘Observer’ newspaper

200 new skyscrapers are under construction that will forever change London’s skyline.

So a large group of intellectuals from all over the world have got together to campaign against this threat to London’s history launching an appeal in the Observer newspaper.

Among the signatories are eminent names such as the sculptor Anish Kapoor, Antony Gormley, the artist, the philosopher Alain de Botton, the author Alan Bennett, the Italian architect Vittorio Gregotti, and the Labour MP Tessa Jowell.

The request is to the capital’s local council ‘skyline committee’ which deals with assessing the overall impact of all the new projects in the city.

Rowan Moore, architecture critic for the Observer said:

“It’s shocking that such a fundamental change can occur with so little debate or awareness. These skyscrapers do not meet the accommodation needs of the city, but the spirit of international investment in the London property market.

The “building fever” that was so much present in the British capital in the past, has returned as there are many investors who want to buy one of these new luxury apartments.

The Bank of England is one of the institutions that have raised concern, and who are keeping a close eye on developments.

A spokesman for Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, said that the mayor has considered the idea of establishing a special committee for checking and assessing this issue and this will be discussed in a series of meetings as early as this week.

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