The flexibility of the real estate market. How to grow with professionalism and fairness

The flexibility of the real estate market. How to grow with professionalism and fairness

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The Italian real estate market system, in general, is not the best.

According to recent articles that have appeared in national newspapers and information provided by estate agencies, 2013 was a terrible year last quarter and one real estate agent in five had not closed a sale. Is it possible to counteract this decline?

According to Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group, it is vital to have a commitment to the values of honesty and professionalism. The company led by its CEO, Stefano Petri has implemented these values right from the start, with the strong conviction to pursue service quality that has been increasingly expanding to make the Group one of the leading agencies in the Italian property market. This does not mean that Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group has not suffered from the economic crisis too, with a fall in sales. Instead of complaining about it and doing nothing, the CEO has been busy implementing quality services to meet the needs of both buyers and sellers.

The Group, which is expanding its boundaries by creating a network with the best and most prestigious Italian real estate agencies, is one of the few to offer advertising on major portals and specialized world magazines. This is as well as the strengthening of their relationship with partner agencies in Russia and developing in the Chinese market, who are increasingly interested in buying a property in Italy, as well as having a strong presence in all major European countries.

Clients are very well served and satisfied, thanks to the numerous tools used by the Group that allow, for example, the seller, to know the exact information concerning property viewings, or the buyer, with the team of experts who are dedicated to finding a property perfectly suited to them. This and other work of our close-knit professional group, has enabled Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group, to have a great start to 2014 with sales of no less than 8 properties in the first quarter of 2014 (including those still in the building process), two of which were over a million Euros.

The types of property vary, from farmhouse to a villa by the sea; clients come from all over the world, from Israel to Russia, from Germany to the U.S, a sign that, even in an age of indifference, with our group
deciding to focus on professionalism and competence, was an intelligent way forward and has paid off with wonderful results.

Edited by Alessandra Conforti

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