“Home Staging Lovers” in Umbria: a new and promising reality

“Home Staging Lovers” in Umbria: a new and promising reality

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Recently, the Regional Coordination of HSL National Association (Coordinamento Regionale dell’associazione nazionale HSL)took office: the “real estate property valorization” art professionals are improving.

We already have told you about the Home Staging in an article of May 2018. It was about a professional of the field, Ilaria Peparaio, the Great Estate Italian Property Consultant for the Umbria region, as well as manager director of “Eletta Home Staging” in Città Della Pieve (visit elettahomestaging.com).

In Umbria, the Home Staging is a new, young, dynamic and female professional reality. Day by day, trough the collaboration with both real estate agencies and privates and in order to minimize the lacks and exalt the qualities of a property, the Home Staging commits itself to improve the properties image in a very short time and with the minor costs possible. Technically, the Home staging is a marketing tool that, sometimes, can be represented by an extremely limited cleaning intervention, as well as by a simple existing-look renovation (discover the Home Relooking Service and “Giving life to new objects” Service).

Those are all focused interventions to make a property reborn in the real estate market, allowing the sale in shorter times. The results of the Italianl Bank real estate market investigation related to the first 2018 trimester, with an Italian average of 225 days, 54 are the marketing permanence days of a property after a Home Staging intervention. Those properties have the possibility to find a buyer four time more quickly, with an average discount of 10,6-4%.


An example? An apartment in the historical centre of Orvieto, in the market since four years now. After a Home Staging work, it was sold in four months.

It is clear how this innovative activity can give a great shock to the real estate market, both local and national, with all that implies, both in economic and historic centres reinvigorating terms.


The HSL Regional Coordination, which has just taken office in Umbria, is leaded by “our” Ilaria Peparaio. Next to her, other four Umbrian home stagers: Barbara Medici of Oriveto, Pamela Forti and Annalisa Petriachi of Terni and Chiara Stefanelli of Deruta. This “real estate property valorisation” art professionals, thanks to the high quality and level of their professional training, are and will be able to respond to every real estate market need.


To remain in this field, we would like to remember you that, between the different Great Etsate services dedicated to all those clients who want to sell ther prestigious properties (click here to discover them), the Home Staging was recently inserted too. Contact our head office to obtain more information.


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