A glowing summer for the real estate agent Ilaria Peparaio thanks two very important sales in Umbria

A glowing summer for the real estate agent Ilaria Peparaio thanks two very important sales in Umbria

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Summer 2018 ended positively for the Great Estate Group – between different sales, two of them have been signed by Ilaria Peparaio. Let’s figure them out!

We have known our real estate consultant Ilaria since a long time. Her work with Great Estate Group, the new challenge of Eletta Home Staging” , and the important achievement of the last months, which saw Ilaria as a protagonist of the sale of two luxury properties in Umbria, i.e.:

Villa delle Cicale (click here to the property tab) and Casale Contemporaneo (discover more about the farmhouse). The first one is located close to the historical centre of Città della Pieve, a small town in the immediate proximity of Tuscany; the second one is immersed in the rural areas surrounding Amelia, close to Narni and a few kilometers from from Todi, Orvieto or Perugia.

As Ilaria told us,

Villa delle Cicale is an unique property, both for its location and privacy. Placed near to the historical hamlet of Città della Pieve, this villa offers a great vintage charm. Its old style and position were precisely two of the main characteristics that made buyers choose it.”

Talking about Casale Contemporaneo, Ilaria focuses on some of its features: a farmhouse reconstructed from scratch using state-of-the-art constructive criteria and refinements, perfectly mixed to the typical elements from Umbrian tradition, such as rocks and bricks, wooden beams, and handmade terracotta floors.

A property which, taking into account its photo shoot (a fundamental element for the sale), its classical renovation and its modern-country styled forniture, has always been very stunning and performing.

During the visits, the owners kept the house perfectly tided up and cleaned (another very important aspect during the sale process).

Finally, the location is great: Rome is one hour by car and easy to reach.

“I remember that – Ilaria adds – for this farmhouse I went along for a subscription of an important marketing plan with the owners.  Over time, this plan showed all its results by giving an high visibility to the property”.

Ilaria perfectly managed both the vendors and the buyers of the two residences: an Italian client based in the USA for Villa delle Cicale and an Italian family currently living in Rome for Casale Contemporaneo.

We can only conclude by congratulating Ilaria for her determination, expertise, and professionalism, which had led to two important sales in a short time for a total value that reaches almost 1 million and 300 thousand euros.

Stay tuned to discover more stories about the great successes of our protagonists: the new owners of the two properties sold by Ilaria during last summer.


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