[Umbria Special Edition] The market of prestigious properties: the main characteristics of a winning house

[Umbria Special Edition] The market of prestigious properties: the main characteristics of a winning house

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After the first and introductory article, we propose you the second part of our analysis regarding the market of the  prestigious properties in Umbria: the point of view of Great Estate consultants Ilaria Peparaio and Stefano Calafà.

Stefano, Ilaria, which are the characteristics that a property should have in order to be sold in the better way possible?

STEFANO: giving the sale price adequacy, the “location first” – with a panoramic view, but not too difficult to reach or too distant from town/cities that can offer services and artistic beauties. I have to affirm that the structural safety is important. Only a few of the buyers are willing to completely renovate a property: generally, they prefer to personalize it with little renovation works, not more. Actually, very big and important properties, as well as smaller ones with a lower costs, are sold. In any case, quality is essential. I would like to affirm that open and bright living rooms are very requested too.

ILARIA: in my opinion, the fundamentals are: in accordance with the market, a right sale price, a panoramic location without any disturbing element around, easy to reach – with just a short white road to do – and near a town where to find services (shops, schools, restaurants, etc.). Moreover, the property has to be recently renovated or, in any case, in a perfect state of maintenance.

On the other hand, which can be seen as negative elements for a farmhouse or a villa?

STEFANO: in addition to a bad location – near to acoustic/sight disturbing elements or without both a panoramic  and sunny position -, the absence of charm, typical elements and internal brightness are details which make a property less attractive.

ILARIA: a price out of the market, the absence of charm and typical structural elements of the property (wooden beams, stone walls, brick floors, etc.), an excessive isolation, narrow and black rooms.

Can you describe a typical example of the most requested property by the international clients?

STEFANO: it could be imagined with rocks in its external part, in a panoramic position, with a swimming pool and about 5.000 sqm garden, not too distant from a town reachable by a well-maintained street, with at least 3 bedrooms, bright and large living rooms, and well renovated.

ILARIA: I completely agree with Stefano!

Where do your clients looking for a property in Umbria come from?

STEFANO and ILARIA: maybe, this year there was a prevalence of American citizens, but it is possible to affirm that there are people from all over the world. Belgian, Dutch and English people are, after the American ones, the more active international clients in our areas. Italian inhabitants too are starting to get close to the second homes market in an incisive way.

Can you tell us something about your last sale in Umbria?

STEFANO: Podere Colonna (click here to discover the property) in San Venanzo, not far away from Todi and Perugia: a property consisting of two beautiful rocked and renovated farmhouses, 15 ha of land – which are vineyards, olive groves, wood, a truffle ground, a swimming pool, and a panoramic position. What can I say? It is a paradise! It was purchased by a family from Rome, aimed to change style of life (their interview will be online soon).

ILARIA: Casale Contemporaneo (click here to discover it): a farmhouse located between Narni and Amelia, five years ago it was perfectly renovated. Outside is in rocks and bricks, while inside it offers wooden beams on sight and handmade cotto floors. The style of the furnishings is contemporary-country, with an ideal surface of 300 sqm. It has also a panoramic swimming pool, 1 ha of land… You do not need to imagine the farmhouse, you have just to take the keys and go to see it. The buyers, the family of an Italian lawyer, decided to purchase it because they could immediately live in the property, abandoning so the city chaos.


Stay tuned to know the “stories” of this two last successes signed Great Estate .. online in our magazine soon.



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