[Umbria Special Edition] The market of the prestigious properties: what the international buyers are looking for

[Umbria Special Edition] The market of the prestigious properties: what the international buyers are looking for

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The last sales signed by Great Estate show that Umbria – particularly the areas of Orvieto, Todi and Città Della Pieve – has become one of the most requested Italian destinations by the international buyers who want to purchase a prestigious property.

Today, which are the main characteristics of the properties requested by international buyers in Umbria? Two important professionals of Great Estate will answer to this question: Ilaria Peparaio, Italian Property Consultant, as well as CEO of “Eletta Home Staging”, and Stefano Calafà, CEO of “Via Dei Colli Immobiliare”, a partner agency of G.E.P. Umbria.

Ilaria, you come from Monteleone D’Orvieto, Umbria. In your opinion, what can this region – and more specifically “your areas” – offer to those who want to purchase a property in Italy?

The places where I grew up are particularly agreeable and boasts important qualities. First of all, by a logistic point of view, their “comfort”:

In the background, Monteleone D’Orvieto

indeed, we are only 10 minutes by car from the A1 motorway and the train station (precisely in the middle between Rome and Florence, which are easily reachable), 30 from Perugia and Orvieto and 20 from the thermal centers of San Casciano Dei Bagni and Chianciano. Second, the history: Monteleone D’Orvieto is a particularly charming historical hamlet with an important cultural heritage. Moreover, the beauty of the landscape has to be considered too: “my area” is not industrialized, there are no disturbing elements, it is just an uncontaminated environment with amazing views.

Stefano, you come from Milan. Why did you choose to move to Umbria and work here?

Look, actually, between me and this region, it was love at first sight. I do not like the city life style. 15 years ago, quite by accident, I arrived in Umbria and decided to move here. Maybe the way I chose was a little crazy and irrational but, at the end, I did it.

In your opinion, why – still remaining Tuscany the queen of the requested location – is Umbria fascinating the international buyers every day more?

STEFANO: Different clients affirm that Umbria, in many of its parts, has remained a little more genuine than Tuscany, as well as less “touristic”. This naïve vein is very appreciated. Moreover, the fact that prices in Umbria are generally lower than in Tuscany surely plays an important role.

ILARIA: I completely agree with Stefano, Umbria has remained more genuine than Tuscany.

Do not miss the second part of our little analysis on the market of the second homes in Umbria with the Great Estate consultants Ilaria Peparaio and Stefano Calafà. Online soon .. stay tuned!

Meantime, visit our beautiful website to discover all the extraordinary proposals of Great Estate.

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