UmbriaOn featuring Great Estate prestigious properties

UmbriaOn featuring Great Estate prestigious properties

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While giving special attention to Great Estate and its last sales, UmbriaOn magazine dedicated a section to the many prestigious properties currently for sale in Umbria.

UmbriaOn is an online independent and daily-newspaper addressed to everything important happens into the Green Heart of Italy.

Last November, UmbriaOn published a section about the many Umbrian prestigious properties for sale. Moreover, while “casting a glance” at the last ten years of this kind of sales – mainly international –, UmbriaOn explicitly mentioned the Group led by Stefano Petri.

Let’s go step by step.

Among the several luxury properties proposed for sale in Umbria, UmbriaOn mentioned two luxury properties included in the Great Estate website too: the “Castle of Castellone” in Deruta and the ancient hamlet “Il Pornello” in San Venanzo.

Castello di Castellone (in our website “La Dimora Del Tempo”) is a suggestive property, historically and culturally very important and composed of an old castle and a historic villa. It still maintains its original features. This extraordinary property, a few kilometres from Perugia, has been recently renovated. It is characterized by some beautiful paintings, precious clocks, stunning Murano chandeliers, and antique furniture.

The ancient hamlet “Il Pornello” (click here to discover it) is an exclusive property dating back to 1100. This incredible hamlet includes nine buildings: externally, they present themselves with stone and bricks facades, while internally are characterized by prestigious finishing, with wood beams, ceramics, and frescoed walls. “Il Pornello” is located near the Umbrian border with Tuscany and Lazio, in San Venanzo. At 427 M.A.M.S.L., this hamlet is surrounded by nature, near the Scarzuola monastery and natural park of Monte Peglia.

As already said, UmbriaOn highlights as the majority of the clientele aimed to purchase a luxury property in Umbria is international. As a confirmation of it, by citing the list of 91 properties sold by Great Estate from 2008 to today, the magazine affirms:

among the clients’ nationalities, German, Belgian, Russian, Danish, English, Swiss, Swedish, Luxembourger, Polish, US, Israeli, South African and even Kenyan stand out.

UmbriaOn reminds its readers about three important sales done by our Group in Umbria as well. As you could remember, we have already dedicated some articles to them.

First of all, the one of “Vannucci Charming Relais”: a property located in Città Della Pieve, sold in March 2018 thanks to the amazing work of Ilaria Peparaio and Roberto Biggera, two professionals of GE.

Great Estate could also celebrate the sale of “Palatium Magnum”, a historic villa located in Corciano, near Perugia. Thanks to a great renovation, this property has been transformed into an amazing home with a private consecrated chapel including a neogothic altar and dating back to ‘600. Well, this amazing property, in August 2018, has been purchased by an important US client.

To conclude, UmbriaOn mentioned also the sale of the splendid “Villa La Luna” near Orvieto, purchased in February 2019 by a US family living in Bangkok.

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