Stefano Petri: “only the extraordinary work of great professionals can bring to important results”

Stefano Petri: “only the extraordinary work of great professionals can bring to important results”

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“Great professionals… with great knowledge, a great will to question themselves and with a huge sense of sacrifice… to reach those goals that then make us feel good…”: these are our CEO’s comments regarding the sale of “Il Colle Degli Arcieri” farmhouse, signed on August 2nd, 2019.


I met the vendors in June 2018: an Italian couple from Terni. By purchasing it as an investment, they owned this farmhouse for about 10 years and used it as a touristic accommodation.

The property was in the market with a local agency that, in my opinion, had wrongly estimated both the farmhouse asking price and the advertising communication typology.

The vendors decided to contact our group after having seen our advertisement in the magazine “Ville&Casali”. After that, they decided to agree on an exclusive assignment for sale and a silver marketing plan with our agency.


“Il Colle Degli Arcieri”, a farmhouse located between Todi and Acquasparta, Umbria, boasts a very unique landscape: indeed, for many aspects, its location reminds the Val D’Orcia valley. During the time, this property has been carefully renovated, while its park has been very well maintained. To those features, I think it is fundamental to add the work of the great professionals who took part in this negotiation: this harmony of elements brought to the sale of this amazing property (click here to discover it).


I think that one of the most important elements which brought to the closing of this sale was the vendors’ immediate sharing of our property estimate: as you can see from the following diagram, on July 14th, 2018, “The Best Price” estimated value was of about € 900.000.

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è Schermata-Colle-Degli-Arcieri.png

The owners agreed with us both the method we used to reach this estimate and the need for positioning “Il Colle Degli Arcieri” on the market at an asking price of no more than the 10% difference compared to “The Best Price” value. Indeed, this is exactly what happened, establishing so the property asking price at € 980.000.

In addition to that, fundamentals were both the amazing internal and external property videos, as well as the strength of our group. The buyers of this property are from the USA: in November 2018, they contacted us for a farmhouse managed by our “friends” from Via Dei Colli. As usually, we transmitted their requests to them. A few months later, the clients came to Italy to visit some properties. During their first travel to our country and thanks to the amazing work of Fabio Lima Battistini, they decided to purchase “Il Colle Degli Arcieri”.

As proved by our last sales, the Great Estate Method is really efficient: all the steps of this method have to be respected in order to – as in this case – transform a situation into a great victory.


First of all, I would like to conclude by reaffirming what already said before: the fact that the vendors agreed with us and that the buyers were extremely motivated allowed the closing of the whole in the best way possible. We have also to bear in mind the grade of difficulty of this negotiation: indeed, it included a company-shares transferring, which is something that could have transformed this beautiful victory into a total defeat.

Today, selling property is really complicated. The buyers have the possibility to purchase what they prefer. Important investments like this are so “delicate” that even the smallest detail, if not carefully treated, may jeopardize them.

We, as well as all the parties, are very proud of this success. This is also why I would like to say a huge thank you to Mr. Fabio Lima Battistini who managed the buyers.

As I said, the buyers were absolutely concrete and motivated but, today, this is not enough to close a deal positively:

To reach those goals, the ones that then make us feel good both from an economic and human point of view, great professionals with a great knowledge, a great will to question themselves and with a huge sense of sacrifice are needed.

The day when the company-shares transferring agreement was signed, everybody was happy for the goal achieved. It may seem normal, but it is a normality that comes from the extraordinary work of some extraordinary professionals.

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