Umbria and its charm are the protagonists of Ville&Casali March Issue

Umbria and its charm are the protagonists of Ville&Casali March Issue

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Italian and international clients will come back investing on the green heart of Italy again: this is what Ville&Casali, in its March 2019 issue, affirms. Our CEO, Stefano Petri, took part to the magazine’s Real Estate analysis too.

The history of Spoleto, the art of Brufa, the olive oil of Trevi: those are just a few of the famous Umbrian traditions, the green heart of Italy. It is precisely for its features that Ville&Casali, a famous interior design and lifestyle magazine, decided to celebrate it into its March edition. Here, in addition to underline the different characteristics of this region, an analysis of the Real Estate sector has been included too.

The first important data emerging from it is that Umbria is a destination requested by both the national and international clientele: Romans, the “historic” purchasers of this region, despite the difficult times after the 2016 earthquake, have started to invest in this area again. The second important element concerns the property typology and location: historical centres like Spoleto, Trevi, Orvieto, or the ones near the Trasimeno Lake, are the most demanded ones. Countryside is preferable to the industrial areas, as well as history to modernity: ancient stone farmhouses, possibly independent and in a hilly position.

While talking about this topic, the Great Estate CEO, Stefano Petri, affirms that, especially for the international clientele, the area of Spoleto is the most required one because of “its historic centre’s appeal and the different events which this town hosts every year”. Regarding the property typology, instead, Stefano Petri says:

“International buyers are looking for renovated and well-maintained farmhouses. Apartments in the historical centres are very requested too. This is because some clients feel themselves a little safer in here and consider this kind of property more available and easy to be managed”.

This theory has been also confirmed by Marco Bambagioni, the Umbria F.i.a.i.p. president. Mr. Bambagioni underlines how the areas near towns and/or services, as well as not-too-large properties with land, are the preferred ones. Moreover, another important data, as Marco Bambagioni explained, concerns the current increasing of the anti-seismic and eco-friendly property demand.


Among the Umbrian location which the national and international buyers love the most, Ville&Casali gives a particular attention to the town of Spoleto (read here our article about it). An ancient and booming Roman municipality, rich of historic and artistic monuments and works. Spoleto hosts also many events, among which the Festival Dei Due Mondi in June. In this amazing town too, Great Estate, a real estate agency specialized into the sale and purchase of luxury properties in the entire national territory, proposes you some fascinating properties. Today, we want to present you:

“Torretta Strettura”

A well renovated 1600 tower which, externally, maintains its original look. However, a modern and very original touch has been introduced to its rooms.

“Casale Dell’Artista”

A beautiful and panoramic property located near the Clitunno river springs and the Tempietto Del Clitunno, one of the most interesting and ancient Umbrian monuments, which is now part of the UNESCO World Heritage list.

“Il Mercato” apartment

In the historic centre of Spoleto, a prestigious apartment where details and finishing are just a few of its interesting features, which are the result of a well done and unique renovation work.

Visit our website to discover this and all the other amazing GE properties in the area of Spoleto.

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