A gold October for Great Estate: the sale of “Villa La Luna” in Orvieto

A gold October for Great Estate: the sale of “Villa La Luna” in Orvieto

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Do you remember the fascinating town of Orvieto? We told you about it a few weeks ago. In the countryside around this hamlet, we find the beautiful villa sold at the end of October by Great Estate Group, “Villa La Luna”.

It is an extraordinary property created by one of the most important Italian architects. Its style perfectly matches with the beauty of the different artworks and antique objects carefully guarded, for example, in the charming living area on the ground floor: this is “Villa La Luna” (click here to discover it).

Last October, this beautiful property became the “dream home” of a lucky American family resident in Bangkok who bought it with the help of Great Estate. A reality, the one of the group led by Stefano Petri, that, day by day, success after success, confirms itself as a leading company in the field of sales of prestigious property to an international clientele.

The main protagonists of “Villa La Luna” sale were the real estate consultants Tommaso Liscaio – for the vendors – and Stefano Calafà – for the buyers. Both parties affirmed being really satisfied with the goal reached. It was possible because of perfectly ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the property that avoided any urbanists and/or cadastral problems, as well as the great professional relationship existing between the agents. This allowed us to close the negotiation in a very short time – a month – with the great satisfaction of the clients, both vendors and buyers, as well as of our colleagues and the entire Great Estate staff.

For this reason, we just have to congratulate Tommaso and Stefano and, in general, the Great Estate team, whose professionalism and experience allowed the closing of another really important sale of about two million euros.

Soon, to discover his opinion about the sale of this beautiful villa in Orvieto, we will meet Great Estate agent Tommaso Liscaio, as well as all the other protagonists of this great success… stay tuned!

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