Gate-Away interviews Stefano Petri: how to sell a luxury property to an international clientele

Gate-Away interviews Stefano Petri: how to sell a luxury property to an international clientele

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Gate-Away, a famous international real estate portal, interviewed our CEO, Stefano Petri, in order to better understand the strategies and methodologies needed to sell a luxury property to an international clientele.

Today, international clients represent a 80-90% of the real estate market”. This is how the Gate-Away – a well-known international real estate portal – interview to our CEO Stefano Petri starts. An important figure in line with the current Italian economic situation: basically, international buyers represent the right target to which selling a luxury property. In order to get a positive result on this specific market, activities like an objective property estimate and promotion are needed. The estimate of a property needs to be in accordance with the market values. A good presentation of a property includes: a detailed description of the building, correct translations and a high quality photo shootings aimed to let the clients discover both the property and its surroundings. Allowing an even more realistic vision of the properties, the Drone and internal 360° videos play a fundamental role too. This is because:

properties are not the only thing for sale: we sell the Italian lifestyle too”.

Moreover, right from the acquisition of a property, essential are also all that technical reports which allow to give immediate answers to an international client who, being in Italy for a limited period of time, demonstrates a concrete interest in purchasing a property: their presence is the only way possible to close a sale in a very short time.

Then, Stefano illustrates the specific characteristics of a luxury property sale process. Depending on the buyers’ country, it is fundamental to adopt a different and more accurate methodology because of the possible specific requirements needed to purchase a home in Italy – Stefano brings the example of Switzerland. Moreover, the need to create an Italian fiscal code for an international client or, once the negotiation is closed, the one of transferring money from a foreign country to Italy in the complete respect of the international bank system rules – here Stefano mentions our partnership with Smart Currency Exchange – or, again, the need to obtain a loan, a rare hypothesis that, if occurring, requires different and specific knowledge and professionalism of the agency, have to be considered too. Great Estate can surely rely on all of this. 

After that, Stefano highlights the importance of a well organized property advertisement. Great Estate entrust itself to international real estate portals as Gate-Away and, in the meantime, proposes also some important marketing plans able to offer a full international exposure.

Finally, our CEO clarifies how the GE methodology and organization for the sale of luxury properties to international clients base themselves also into the Group internal IT system that allows the continuous sharing of data, information and activities connected to both the properties and clients.

You can watch and listen the full version of the interview to Stefano Petri on YouTube or on the Gate-Away blog.

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