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During summer 2017, Great Estate signed a particularly important international sale, i.e. the “Vannucci Charming Relais” farmhouse.

Our real estate consultant, Ilaria Peparaio, gives us all the details.

September 2017: two “historical” Great Estate consultants, Roberto Biggera and Ilaria Peparaio, celebrate a remarkable international success with the sale of a fabulous residence located between Umbria and Tuscany.
Ilaria, who is part of the Great Estate group since 2008, assisted the vendors. We have asked her about her impressions.

  • Hi Ilaria, would you please tell us how did you find out the “Vannucci Charming Relais” property?

I already knew this property before, thanks to some share friends. I was already aware also about its beauty and
uniqueness, and, for this reason, I absolutely wanted to obtain an assignment to sell for it. So, I after having contacted the owners myself, we met right at the property.

  • You were telling us about the beauty and the uniqueness of the “Vannucci Charming Relais”. What did particularly caught your attention in this residence?

    Ilaria Peparaio


It was my customers’ Italian countryside home. They bought it many years ago, and then, on my opinion, they have renovated it in an exemplar way. In fact, I was enchanted by the internal spaces elegance. They were particularly comfortable and welcoming: prestigious country chic details and soft shades, resin floors and white ceilings, as well as a very a well-refined furniture, with some unique and particular pieces. Regarding to this, I would like to underline that, during all the visits done with different customers, the house always was perfumed, with fresh flowers in the vases, and well organized. This is a relevant aspect not only during the photo shooting, but also when you have to show the property to the customers.

– What was your initial approach to the vendors?


I explained them our services and all the work that our group could do to promote their property on the real estate market. At the end of our first meeting, they entrusted us the exclusive assignment to sell. So, after having prepared the property valuation, I shared it and a complete advertising plan included in the marketing strategy I thought could have been the best to adopt with the vendors. Actually, I must admit that, for the “Vannucci Charming Relais”, we have bended the rules a little: usually, our business policy stays that the marketing plans costs have to be shared between the agency and the customers. However, in this case, the beauty and the uniqueness of this residence combined with the fact that we absolutely wanted to have it in our portfolio of properties to sell, made us decided, as an exception, to cut down the advertising costs for the vendors.

–  Once you had the assignment to sell, did the property immediately receive the potential buyers’ interest?

Not so much at the beginning. Despite of my suggestion of promoting the property at price of 2.5 millions of euros, the owners preferred to do it at a highest price. However, after an year without any particular result in terms of visits to the property, they have understood the necessity of lowing the price, following so my advice. From this moment forward, the situation has considerably improved.

– What can you tell us about the collaboration with Roberto Biggera, the buyers’ consultant? How did you get along?

Roberto and I have known each other for 9 years now. We have a very similar working method: followed step by step with a great mutual support, this was a ”two-handed” negotiation. This fact had allowed us to positively conclude the stipulation in a very few days, with the official approval of the purchase proposal made by the current owners.

– In your opinion, regarding the trade of the “Vannucci Charming Relais” property, which were the most decisive Great Estate services between the ones oriented to the customers who would like to sell their luxury property?

First of all, the suggestion and the presentation to my customers of my evaluation of their property which was based on the real behavior of the market; its promotion at a “perfect” price; the choice of an “emotional” presentation of the residence through our professional photo shooting service, that was realized in a very charming way. Moreover, we don’t have to forget the huge advertising visibility given to the property both in our website and in the several international real estate portals.

– At the moment of the deed, were the vendors satisfied with the work you and all the Great Estate group made?

Absolutely yes! It was an amazing trade, that gave a general satisfaction both to the sellers and the buyers.

– Finally, in your opinion, why should those who decide to sell a prestigious property in Umbria, Tuscany as well as in the rest of Italy, entrust their selves Great Estate?

Because the services offered by our group and our modus operandi are able to guarantee to the vendor the best advertising visibility for his/her property on the market, allowing he/she to reach the objective of the sale in a very short time and with the highest result.

If you want to to sell your luxury property too, consult our website, or contact our headquarter.

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