Become a spokerson for the “Great Estate Project”  50 New Partners by 2014

Become a spokerson for the “Great Estate Project” 50 New Partners by 2014

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Alessandra Conforti

By 2014, the specific goal of the group is to share our basic values of fairness, professionalism and availability and latest IT technology and communications with a target of fifty agencies, having area based spokespeople enjoying the rewarding work based on the GREAT ESTATE 360-degree all round methodology

With these words, Stefano Petri, CEO of the Great Estate real estate group, introduces the new “Network Agency” project which will see an increasing number of agencies become partners with the Group throughout 2014. A job that involves all the many professionals who for years have worked with the Great Estate real estate group and are committed daily to maintaining and enhancing the values of honesty and professionalism that are the basis of every successful project, as noted by Giacomo Buonavita, responsible for property valuations and appraisals:

Our commitment is for each networker to capture ‘the drive’ of being “perfect”, leaving nothing to chance and trying to convey, on a daily basis, the values of commitment and professionalism of the group which we always convey

Discussion and trying to do justice to each professional in these few lines is impossible, so in the coming days we will get to know each one of the professionals better, by introducing you to the individual personalities who are the strength behind the Great Estate real estate group, one of the world’s leading Italian and international real estate agencies, offering clients high quality services, in Italian, English, German, Russian, Chinese…

Welcome to Great Estate!

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