Real Estate Market in Rome

Real Estate Market in Rome

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Luca Griffoni opens the secrets of the year 2014

The Great Estate Magazine continues its research on real estate market for 2014. Today we are talking about the capital with Luca Griffoni who will tell us about the development and perspectives of the property sale in a beautiful city of Rome.

“All roads lead to Rome” as our ancestors said and in some way this quote becomes a foundation stone in the real estate area of Rome.

In point of fact, 2013 year is characterized by market’s revival with a little growth of prices which step by step returned to the positive mark after four years of decline.

The following year we expect to see the proof of this revival and our optimism in this business. The prestigious property and second homes are more preferable on the international market then traditional property suffering from bank’s mortgage delays (that is also expected this year).

According to research, Rome with Barcelona, Madrid and Amsterdam are mentioned like Tier 2 (for example, London and Paris – Tier 1).

The signs of price stability stay on the middle level 6300 euro/sqm in average in the city center. It gives a reason to consider that we will have a growth of the price next year.
As for the nationalities of potential buyers, their variety is amazing:

Chinese prefer the suburb (they also have the biggest amount of visas opened in 2013, more then 240 000).

But in the center part of Rome Germans take the first place, followed by French and, to our surprise, Canadians and Argentines (maybe because of Pope’s nationality).

Americans and Russian are also present but not so many. In general, there are a lot languages and colours on the Roman real estate market, so anyone has an opportunity to enjoy the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica and unbelievably warm October weather.

Edited by Luca Griffoni

PhotoRome – San Pietro area – Code apge002509 – Price € 3.800.000

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