Interview to David Parish: coordinator for the Marche region & international property consultant

Interview to David Parish: coordinator for the Marche region & international property consultant

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How long have you been working with Great Estate and how do you know them?

For nearly three years now, when myself and Elisa Biglia from Great Estate who had a seller in common whose property was in the Marche region and I was asked to manage its viewings. From that moment on I found that we were on the same wavelength which subsequently encouraged me to meet Stefano Petri, the CEO of Great Estate.

Who are your clients and what are the most popular properties?

It’s a mixed clientele and varies depending where they are from and their available budget. Many are Italian but there are also a lot of foreign clients who come mainly from Northern Europe, Australia and America.
Generally they are looking for properties by the sea that have been refurbished or require refurbishment or farmhouses at very competitive prices as well as very expensive properties. Negotiations are often quite complex as the property being sought must have particular features that distinguish it from standard properties. For example, we are able to source important historic mansions thanks to our unique knowledge of the Marche region.
Another key aspect is the care and attention of the client so it is important to immediately establish a relationship of trust so that the client can be guided every step of the way through the real estate negotiation.

Can you tell us about your latest sales?

Of course, they were a villa in Giulianova and a ruin in Porto San Giorgio. The villa was bought by Italian clients who live abroad. They were prominent individuals in the area so for this reason the sale remains a secret. The villa has been completely renovated and is not far from the sea in one of the most desirable areas of Giulianova for a cost of €750,000.
The property in Porto San Giorgio, by contrast, was bought by a Dutch buyer for a great price of €130,000. Thanks to a “development plan” designed to increase the size and layout of the property they were able to undertake major renovations. This has transformed it into a stunning property not far from the sea.

Since the last report in June one property in particular, in Recanti -cpge 1791 has received a lot of enquiries. How is this progressing?

Viewings are ongoing and just yesterday we had three. The area and price are very attractive and we are trying our best to speed up the process, with the help of some technicians, for the completion of the certificate of habitability.
In addition to this property, there were other enquiries for properties within the budget of €600,000 and €700,000 and other similar enquiries with a slightly lower budget of €200,000 and €400,000 from northern European clients.

What are the benefits of working with Great Estate?

With Great Estate there is greatly increased visibility and advertising of properties on all the most popular online websites for potential clients. The analysis and description for each property is also extremely accurate and detailed which is the sort of attention to detail that is not easily found with other real estate agencies.
Finally, by working within a group, we increase the pool of potential clients and opportunities to showcase the most exclusive properties, in line with the wishes of each client.

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