Via Dei Colli tells us its experience after six months of cooperation – why choosing GE as your partner

Via Dei Colli tells us its experience after six months of cooperation – why choosing GE as your partner

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Mr. Stefano Calafà and his agency “Via Dei Colli Immobiliare” have become a partner of Great Estate and Chesterton six months ago.

We met him in order to discover something about this experience.

How do you describe this first six months with Great Estate and Chesterton?

They were extremely positive. The cooperation is very constructive. Joining a so important group has surely different advantages, especially for international exposure, working methodologies and internal organization terms.

Which objectives have you reached during this last six months?

First of all, the amount of potential buyers who contacted our agency has strongly increased. This is because of the incredible visibility which my agency enjoyed from the cooperation with Great Estate and Chesterton and its partners. Property visits have raised too, while we already closed four sales.

Which were the added values you found in the Group?

Surely, a great organization and marketing section. Beign part of a group where there are specialists of many sectors offer a very high quality service to the buyer. However, the real strength of Great Estate and Chesterton is its continue will of improvement, something which perfectly reflects its founder, Stefano Petri.

Which are the possible rooms of increasing?

Obviously, the more you increase the more your organization becomes difficult. But with a so strong base, I am sure it will not be a problem. For example, during the next months, we will work on the papers to make them easiest. Another element to be worked on is the quality of the partners, because our objective is to offer the best services possible to our clientele.

Would you suggest to join Great Estate and Chesterton to other agencies?

Of course. This is an unique group in Italy under many points: professionalism, fairness, accuracy, team-spirit and methodology. Indeed, to be part of it, you have first to share our thought and method.

What do you think about the future of this project?

I think the professionalism of every agent has to necessary increase in order to be able to face our competitors. The only way to “fight” franchising is to create an union as this group which essential feature has to be the quality of the professionals who take part to.

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