Long times to sell your home – the Banca D’Italia and TecnoBorsa survey

Long times to sell your home – the Banca D’Italia and TecnoBorsa survey

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Timing to sell your home are increasing: on average, more than 9 months and a 15% price decreasing are needed. This is what the Banca D’Italia and TecnoBorsa survey underlines for the first three months of 2014. In 2013, 8,6 months were needed to sell your home. In this survey, the importance of the “price” emerges too. However,  this report highlights also the increasing of the mortgages requests, so, a recovery “signal”. Why is the market still in crisis? The problem stands on the competitiveness of the price. Persisting on selling a property with a price which is not in line with the market means not to sell. Another important aspect is the property exposure. In a market like the current one, exposure is essential to reach the highest number of potential buyers.

We asked to David Parish, the GE & Chesterton Marche International Property Consultant, what is going on with the international market.

If you are going to sell a property internationally, it is important to have a competitive price, or it will remain unsold.

Is exposure fundamental too?

Absolutely, maybe even more important than into the national market. We are talking about clients who usually do not know the area and who are looking for a property on the net or by entrusting themselves to some professionals directly.

How does Great Estate and Chesterton guarantee the property visibility?

First of all, thanks to its professionalism and knowledge of the sector. Then, through its different marketing plans.

What are they?

Great Estate and Chesterton knows the importance of the communication very well, especially at certain levels. If you want to sell a property abroad it is essential to be present on these markets with your listings.

You talked about sharing, what does it means?

It means that we ask to the vendor to “pay in advance” part of the costs which will be paid him back through a discount on the agency fee.

Does this method work?

Yes, because, in this way, we are able to sustain the costs of a communication campaign which brings us into the other European and non- countries. I am quite sure that no many agencies are able to offer this kind of service!

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