Roberto Biggera and the sale of an amazing Tuscan farmhouse to some Belgian clients

Roberto Biggera and the sale of an amazing Tuscan farmhouse to some Belgian clients

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Once again an incredible success of Great Estate and Chesterton: the sale of a beautiful farmhouse in Radicofani, Tuscany. Let’s interview Roberto Biggera who, together with Riccardo Luculli and Stefano Petri, managed the negotiation.

Roberto, how long has the farmhouse been for sale?

The farmhouse, owning a good position but a little isolated, has been for sale for a very long time. The reason of that may be connected to both is too isolated location – something which is not more so requested by clients – and price, which were not in line with the current market. Making the owner understand the importance of this elements was fundamental and, in order to do so, we used all our tools and professionalism we have.

How would you tell this farmhouse to those who do not know it?

Its position and idyllic location, immersed into the countryside and overlooking the areas of Radicofani and San Casciano Dei Bagni, make it very exceptional. It has been renovated a few years ago. Moreover, it offers also an amazing swimming pool.

This, as many others, was a team-sale..

With the support of Stefano Petri, I managed the vendors, while Riccardo Luculli the buyers. When we started the negotiation, we all were aware that clients would have offered a price lower than the requested one due to some works which the property needed. 

How was the negotiation?

The Belgian clients, a very acculturated couple, fell in love with the area and property. Thanks to their education, they made us many questions, especially regarding the documents needed. The key was making them understand the entire Italian process and timings necessary to obtain all the papers, which may damage the interest of the clients towards a property. For this reason, we started different surveys, after which we created the purchasing offer. When finally the owner accepted it, all went good and concluded with a common great satisfaction.

Are the clients satisfied with their purchasing?

Currently, the buyers realized some renovations to the farmhouse, but they are really very happy about their new home. They completely understood the beauty and unicity of our areas.

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