Interview with the owner of Fontefaggio farmhouse in Umbria

Interview with the owner of Fontefaggio farmhouse in Umbria

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Interview with Mr. Eric Bauchau, now owner of a beautiful property in Umbria, north of Perugia – Casale Fontefaggio – bought through Via dei Colli immobiliare, partner agent of Great Estate Group.

Mr. Bauchau, how did you find Via dei Colli immobiliare, partner of “Great Estate Group” and when did you have the first contact?

I was looking over the internet and there I stumbled upon the Via dei Colli website; I have appreciated it being a small agency but connected to a large network with lots of properties to offer. I left my details, as I had done with other agents, and it was Via dei Colli the first one contacting me.

Why did you choose to buy in Umbria? And why that property?

Prices in Tuscany are very high and I was looking at a typically Italian environment, with not too many British or French ……

Was it difficult to find the property you were looking for? And what would it be your recommendation for people who are now searching for the right property to buy?

The selection of the properties was carried out with a lot of patience by Stefano, so to exactly target what we were looking for ; I believe this is the right way to operate, for we were shown large photos and could avoid making long and sometimes very deceiving searches.

How was the process to buy the house?

Love at first sight is never good… and I have paid the actual price for this house, despite the ample negotiation room normally existing on the market!!

Have you been totally satisfied with the support of the professionals of the Great Estate Group?

I am totally satisfied with their work, done in a very professional way.

As a foreigner, still not speaking Italian, I have needed and still need a guardian angel.

Would you recommend the services of Via dei Colli and Great Estate Group to other clients?

I believe it is the right solution to have access to the property database of Great Estate, with a personal contact as Via dei Colli that supports the client and understands what he wants.

Edited by Stefano Calafà

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