Two Americans in Cetona – How to buy an apartment in Tuscany

Two Americans in Cetona – How to buy an apartment in Tuscany

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Often the purchase of a property is “love at first sight”, when we see it, something just clicks and we know instantly that this is exactly what we want.

That was probably the case for two American professors who, already in love with Italy and having viewed a property twice, “chose” to purchase with confidence through Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group.

As history lecturers at Georgetown University in Washington and organizers of guided tours of Italy discovering the beauty of the Renaissance, they were able to take full advantage of the expertise of real estate professionals.

A good deal was reached with the seller and the purchasers acquired a beautiful and completely renovated apartment located in the historic centre of Cetona, a town that completely seduced them.

The lesson is therefore clear, you should always rely on professional real estate agents and they in turn must always listen to their clients’ desires which come first!

Alessandra Conforti

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