Charity lunch organized by “Comitato per la vita “Daniele Chianelli”

Charity lunch organized by “Comitato per la vita “Daniele Chianelli”

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On November 29 at 1 p.m. at Villa Corneli (Palazzone-San Casciano dei Bagni) will be held a charity lunch to support the non-profit association that for many years helps people to fight with cancer.

It is an opportunity to make a gesture of altruism and to learn more about the Committee’s activities supporting the hospital of Perugia (Santa Maria della Misericordia), which makes the research and studies in the field of cancer, leukemia and lymphoma, providing the special fund so the doctors and nurses can attend courses and trainings.

For a long time the Committee is supporting the construction of the reception center and adjoining green center: “Residence Daniele Chianelli” and “Parco del Sorriso”.

The residence is a modern and functional structure adjacent to the Hospital of Santa Maria della Misericordia in Perugia, consisting of thirty apartments available for patients and their families without any rental cost that allows everyone to make themselves “at home”: in fact, there are numerous services available for guests from the heating and TV to the kitchenette and lots of open spaces.

“Parco del Sorriso” is a large green area intended for all those staying in the Residence and the patients of “Santa Maria della Misericordia” of Perugia; inside there are several sections like the relaxation area with walking trails, chalets, benches, gazebos, reading corners, small amphitheater for entertainment performances and concerts, the playground designed for children, the botanical area with several specious of plants and finally, the area with animals of different species on the backyard.

There are a lot of activities organized by the Committee to create the moment of “normalcy” for those who have to withstand the serious illnesses and to go through the long treatment process; on the website by ComitatoDanieleChianeli there is all the information about the daily work of the association which you can help by becoming a volunteer or making a small donation.


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