The Argentario coast and its beating heart: Porto Santo Stefano

The Argentario coast and its beating heart: Porto Santo Stefano

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Among the innumerable Tuscan gems, it’s impossible to forget the extraordinary territory that surrounds the Monte Argentario promontory: the heart of this marvelous land, Porto Santo Stefano.

Everyone knows or has heard something about the amazing Argentario coast, in the province of Grosseto: an extraordinary beautiful territory, where the spectacle of nature imprints itself in the mind and heart of the people in an almost permanent way. 
Millenniums ago, Argentario took its origins from the sea level decrease. This allowed the original island transformation into a promontory. In this area, Neolithic populations could colonize the “Gli Stretti” and “Cala dei Santi” karst caverns. After centuries, instead, Phoenicians and Etruscans transformed it into a meeting and a commercial exchanges point. 
Today becoming more and more famous abroad, Argentario is one of the most beautiful and fascinating areas not only of Tuscany, but of the whole Italy: a clear and transparent sea that gets nothing on to the other popular sea localities in world, a climate that seems to lengthen summer until winter begins and an area where some of the most evocative hamlets of Italy stand. 
Among these, Porto Santo Stefano: a well-known touristic area that overlooks on the port and that, for years now, boasts the prestigious “blue flag”. 

Having always been frequented by populations cutting through the Mediterranean sea, it was first a Spanish and then a French dominion. In the XVIII century, it became part of the Bourbons territories too, a fact that allowed its growth starting. Included into the Grand Duchy of Tuscany in 1815, it was then annexed to the Kingdom of Italy. 

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We surely can include Porto Santo Stefano among the most beautiful destinations of our Bel Paese: a gracious sea locality, rich of little and evocative beaches and typical restaurants, located near its two natural ports, once a shelter for the fishing boats, and now esteemed touristic ports. 
A perfect locality where to permanently live or, why not, buy an amazing second home to completely enjoy the lifestyle that only the sea is able to offer, out of schemes and perfectly in the spirit of the absolute tranquility. 

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