Corbara Lake in Umbria: nature, landscape and… A beautiful G.E. farmhouse

Corbara Lake in Umbria: nature, landscape and… A beautiful G.E. farmhouse

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What about a walk into the Corbara Lake surroundings? We are going to propose you an incredible journey to the discovery of an extraordinary nature and two prestigious properties signed by Great Estate.

Set among hilly landscapes, emotive colors and unpolluted nature, the Corbara Lake stands with its rich ecosystem. This artificial lake is a famous naturalistic tourism destination. Corbara Lake is part of Tevere River Park, where beautiful herons and other rare bird species can be seen too. This water mirror is also a place frequented by sports and sport-fishing fans.

Near this amazing landscape, there are also some small and characteristic hamlets.

Among those hamlets, we remind you of Baschi: a medieval town in the south-west of Umbria located on the top of a stone hill overlooking the Tevere River. This hamlet dates back to 1235, a period during which it was ruled by the Baschi Family. The bronze fragment found in 1719 by archpriest Giovanni Nicola Pennacch – the so-called “Fragmentum Tudertinum” including the “Lex Tudertina” laws, and the Tiberinus God statue whose base can still be seen at the entrance of Baschi – prove the importance of Baschi during the Roman age. Decisively more suggestive is its historic center, commonly named as “I Buchi” because of the size of its streets, houses, doors, and windows present in there. A real perfectly maintained “ancient world”!

It is precisely into the amazing frame of the Corbara Lake area that Great Estate is going to propose you a beautiful property.

Il Castello Di San Valentino”, is an extraordinary residence dating back to 1200. Anciently a Benedictine monastery located at just 15 km from the Corbara Lake, it was turned into a castle before and into a charming farm estate then (discover the property here). Its renovation maintained all the original features of the property: on-sight stone walls, the ceilings with their original beams, handmade cotto floors and old doors. Inside, two extraordinary living rooms, one of which was the old church as demonstrated by the painting on the wall representing the crucifix. In addition to that, a luxuriant 5 ha park.

Discover this and all the other prestigious properties of Great Estate by visiting our website or contacting our head office.

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