Montefalco: art, history, wines and… our “Poggio Felice” farmhouse

Montefalco: art, history, wines and… our “Poggio Felice” farmhouse

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Let’s go to the discovery of a well-known Umbrian hamlet, Montefalco: its origins, wines and, why not, a traditional farmhouse nearby.

“Montefalco is one of the most peaceful places on Heart, a calm Franciscan-art centre. Everything is ancient, medieval…”

These are Herman Hesse’s words about the Umbrian hamlet of Montefalco, wrote at the beginning of ‘900.

Considered one of the most beautiful hamlets of Italy, Montefalco dominates the valley that, from Perugia, reaches Spoleto and the Topino and Clitunno rivers, offering so some amazing views. This is why it has earned the name of the “Balcony of Umbria”.

Its medieval origins are proved by the presence of the ‘200 town-walls. There, five doors, the defensive towers and Municipality square stand too. By visiting this charming Umbrian corner, you absolutely should stop in one of the many wineries and wine bars located into the historic centre and taste the two red wines which made Montefalco famous all over the world: obtained with sagrantino grapes only – the same used for the Sagrantino Montefalco Passito D.O.C.G –, the dry Sagrantino Di Montefalco D.O.C.G. and – made of sangiovese grapes –  Montefalco Rosso D.O.C..

Surrounded by large olive groves and vineyards, this ancient hamlet maintains all the signs of the history and art that crossed it during the time. Its splendid St. Francis Church-Museum, where it is possible to admire one of the most famous Italian painting cycles: the St. Francis’ life, divided into 20 episodes and 12 scenes and painted in 1452 by Benozzo Gozzoli, Beato Angelico’s student. Moreover, here, painted in 1503 by Pietro Vannucci – Il Perugino, the amazing Nativity stands too.

A curiosity: the name “Montefalco” recalls the passion for the falcon hunting of Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor, who stayed here in 1240.

Surrounded by the hills between this beautiful hamlet and Bevagna, at about 450 MAMSL, “Poggio Felice”, an ancient farmhouse renovated through the use of original and high-quality materials like cotto and chestnut wood, stands. By entering into the property, you immediately will have the sensation of going “home”: indeed, the atmosphere here is very warm and welcoming.

This interesting house offers also a green and luxuriant garden, rich of fruit trees, perfumed lavender, rosemary and centuries-old olive trees. Thanks to the land of about an hectare that surrounds it, immersed into the nature, “Poggio Felice” gives also a very good privacy: here, an olive grove, a walnut grove and many fruit trees stand.

If you want to discover this amazing farmhouse, you just have to click here. If you want to discover all the other real estate proposals of our Group too, please, visit our website or call our head office.

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