The Palio Dei Terzieri of Città Della Pieve: between history and tradition

The Palio Dei Terzieri of Città Della Pieve: between history and tradition

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In the medieval hamlet of Città Della Pieve, Umbria, the Palio Dei Terzieri 2019 edition has been just celebrated. The history of this unique and stunning event.

For many locals and tourists, it represents one of the most anticipated historic-cultural events: this is Palio Dei Terzieri. The 2019 edition ended just a few days ago. After 14 days which proved, once again, the strength and the vitality of the Terzieri and Palio, this year’s winner is Terziere Castello.

The Terzieri were mentioned, for the very first time, in 1250, on the occasion of the act of submission to Perugia, as a result of which the ancient Castel De La Pieve was subjugated to the Griffin town.

The origins of the Terzieri are connected to the final urbanistic layout of Città Della PIeve. It dates back to the Italian Medieval Communes Age, when the town took the shape of a threatening eagle moving forwards Rome. The eagle’s parts identify the three Terzieri that represent three different social classes too: Terziere Castello or Classe Dei Cavalieri (The Class of the Knights – nobilty) is the eagle’s head, Terziere Borgo Derntro (bourgeoise) is the stomach, while Terziere Casalino or Classe Dei Pedoni (The Class of the Peseants – peasants) the wing-tail of the animal.

Every year, through a suggestive archery challenge and by striking some chianina bulls shapes fixed on moving platforms, the archers of the Palio re-enact the ancient bull hunting.

But… what is the Palio?

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Challenged by the Terzieri every year, the historic Pallium, is a beautiful painted tapestry created by the Pievese Antonio Marroni. It portrays the archers while honouring the Maestro Di Campo (the challenge referee), before the competition starting. In a light blue background, the most important monuments of Città Della Pieve stand. Higher, there are the Città Della Pieve’s coat of arms and two Visconti’s biscioni, a clear homage to the coalition of the town with the Milan Republic. Finally, at the bottom, the three Terzieri symbols stand: the Medieval Castle – Terziere Castello, the Well – Terziere Casalino and the Fortress – Terziere Borgo Dentro. An adornment of trophies and ‘500 armours frames this stunning decorative work.

The 15th of August, the day of the challenge (Lancio Della Sfida), the Terziere which won the last edition returns the Pallium to the Podestà of Castel De La Pieve, who will scrupulously keep it into the City Hall till the day of the Bull Hunting. On this occasion, it will take part to the great historical parade, which is composed of more than 800 people among soldiers, dames, nobles, knights, peasants and fire-breathers.

Participating to this stunning event represents a dive into history and into the ancient traditions of the amazing Città Della Pieve.

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