“La Quercia Illuminata” farmhouse: an extraordinary record time sale signed Great Estate

“La Quercia Illuminata” farmhouse: an extraordinary record time sale signed Great Estate

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Last July, the Great Estate Group closed a sale which could be described as a “flash” one:  “La Quercia Illuminata” farmhouse, sold just five months after its assignment of sale.

Last summer gave another beautiful satisfaction to the group managed by Stefano Petri: the sale of a charming farmhouse near Città Della Pieve, “La Quercia Illuminata”. This property was completely renovated by its ex-owners, some specialists of the architecture and building fields, who imparted all their experience on it.

Inside the farmhouse, the smooth and elegant shades of the parquet and the ceilings, realized with picked wood beams and joists, perfectly join the refined design elements and the interesting modern touches (click here to discover the farmhouse).

For our Group – and not only – this sale assumes a particular importance for many reasons that, once again, compared to the other competitors of the sector, show both the strength of Great Estate and its features:

Time for the sale

“La Quercia Illuminata” farmhouse was sold in just five months after the undersigning of the assignment of sale with the Great Estate Group. Taking into account the current real estate market situation, this circumstance assumes a real extraordinary character.

Sale price

The perfect “coincidence” between the effective sale price (ca. 900.000 euros) and the value that our CEO, Stefano Petri, attributed to the farmhouse through “The Best Price” program (900.000 euros) confirms the extraordinary potentiality of this tool created by the Great Estate team in collaboration with the IT company Beecoome S.r.l. (read here our article about this topic).

Property presentation and visibility on the market

The perfect presentation of the property on the market was essential too: the Silver marketing plan, together with the realization of the drone and the internal 360° tour videos (click here to discover more about that), gave a great visibility to the farmhouse that, having it been at a right sale price, allowed to reach the objective of a short time sale. Indeed, the ten visits on the property done in just five months allowed to identify the “right” buyers for this farmhouse: an English-Belgian couple who, with the assistance of the agents Cori and Biggera, undersigned the sale preliminary in July.

Stay tuned to discover the opinions and points of view of the protagonists of this extraordinary sale signed Great Estate with the interviews to the “La Quercia Illuminata” farmhouse vendors and the CEO of the group, Stefano Petri.

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