Living in Città Della Pieve: a hamlet full of culture, art and nature

Living in Città Della Pieve: a hamlet full of culture, art and nature

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Rich of history, art and culture, Città Della Pieve presents itself as the ideal location for those who want to leave the city chaos without missing so any cultural event or manifestation possible.

Located at the border between Umbria and Tuscany and at about 550 meters above the sea level, Città Della Pieve is a small medieval centre with a dominating position on the Val Di Chiana valley and the Trasimento Lake, able so to offer an amazing and unique panorama. Inhabited since the Etruscan and Roman periods, it was a Longboards stationing too. During the time, the Ghibelline Castel De La Pieve was a free Comunebefore and, by always remaining a “border town”, a Perugia dominion after. Since 1300, its urbanistic structure has remained almost intact, embellished by numerous buildings as the Cathedral, the Town Hall, the Palazzo Dei Priori, the Bishop Tower and the Maintani brothers’ Rocca. Important noble palaces adorned the main streets of the town: you can almost get lost among the many alleys of the historic centre and the panoramic terraces overlooking the Trasimeno Lake, Montepulciano and Orvieto. Città Della Pieve is the homeland of Pietro Vannucci, called “Il Perugino”, who, in his works, remembers its particular and different landscapes. This town is a socially and culturally lively one: among the most important annual events, we remind you the Palio Dei Terzieri in August, the Quadri Viventi during Easter, the Infiorata in June and the Presepe Monumentale during Christmas

Surrounded by its medieval walls, Città Della Pieve is ready to welcome you: you will so in love with the beauty and the tranquillity of the town that you probably would like to remain.. and maybe to permanently or periodically move in here. 

This has been the choice of some Great Estate group’s clients: among the many, we remind you of Messrs Gustafsson (read here their interview), a nice Swede couple who fell in love with the area and purchased the “Poggio Fiorito” farmhouse (click here to discover the property).

Moreover, browse our Magazine and read our interview to professor Sabino Cassese, the farmhouse ex-owner. 

Do not miss our next article about an amazing property located in the countryside of Città Della Pieve.. on-line soon in our Magazine.

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