Great Estate services partner: the engineer Stefano Bolici

Great Estate services partner: the engineer Stefano Bolici

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Great Estate group is always focused on the clientele assistance.

In order to satisfy all the needs of those who, by entrusting themselves to the group, want to sell or purchase a property, Great Estate created a pre-and-post selling services net which, starting from the consultations, includes the renovation/maintenance or home staging works made by professionals of every sector too. They are all professionals, specialists and artisans chosen by the group among the best professionalisms and able to support the clients in every step of the process (click here to discover more about this topic).

Today, we want to introduce you the engineer Stefano Bolici. Starting from a civil engineering base, Stefano Bolici has progressively oriented himself toward the IT, with a particular reference to the internet and intranet usage, business communication and promotion. He was able to combine specific studies to the new IT business theories and to some important European projects.

Stefano Bolici offers different kind of services: in the civil, environment, industrial and information sectors. Moreover, during the last years and after the catastrophic heart quake happened in the city of Aquila and the following new technical building laws (Nuove Norme Tecniche sulle Costruzioni) approval, he mainly focused on the building planning, public and private works supervision, buildings static testing, firefighting prevention and security during the planning and execution phases, with a particular interest to the seismic actions on the different building materials.

Offices and administrative offices:

Torrita di Siena, Via Del Poggiolo 20

Montepulciano, Via Milano 53

Telefono: +39 0578 337330

Fax: +39 0578 809080


For any further information regarding the engineer Stefano Bolici and all the other Services Partners, please contact our head office. 

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