Do you want your historic centre “nest” more elegant? Follow Eletta Home Staging’s suggestions

Do you want your historic centre “nest” more elegant? Follow Eletta Home Staging’s suggestions

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If you really desire to make unique and elegant your small or even large apartment in the historic centre, we suggest you read this article. Ilaria Peparaio, a GE real estate consultant and the Managing Director of Eletta Home Staging – a partner of our Group – is going to give you very important tips on this theme.

The undeniable charm of those ancient houses located in the historic centre of an old hamlet is a great starting point to transform a “simple” home into a true nest for you and your family already.


If you have the luck of having on-sight wooden beams ceilings, you will have two possibilities: the one of whiten them in order to obtain a more modern look (in case of low ceilings, it will allow you to earn height), or the one of leaving them at their original state for a more traditional and country effect.

If you want to bet on an evergreen, choose frames that mix ceilings and walls, giving so completeness and elegance to the room.

Talking about the walls, you can choose between dark or soft shades: it depends on your taste!

Anyway, remember that the winning key is harmony: surfaces have to be in harmony among each other, creating so some pleasant contrasts.


The focal point.

This is fundamental in order to give character, elegance and personalize your historic centre nest. Every room has to have it: it should catch a person’s attention immediately. A focal point could be a “focus” wall, an artwork defining a wall, some big or even a series – for example three – of mirrors decorating or enlarging the space, an original fireplace brought back to its initial splendour, etc.

A shade of green.

A green element gives colour and life, makes an environment warmer and more vibrant while smoothing its hardest corners. It can be represented by an elegant vase or a plant, maybe combined with a natural-fibres carpet.

Spaces and “jollies”.

The presence of some niches may be a true chance: they may host some precious crystals, old books, handmade ceramics or other artworks.

The textiles.

For the living area, the suggestion is the one of playing with furnishing pillows and textiles. It is possible to choose different textures and colours, focusing on prestigious covers to valorise sofas and give a particular charm to the living room. Yes to maxi-pillows of great elegance and with a good stuffing. For the textiles, it is better to use dark colours with lighter shades in order to create an attractive contrast.


The real difference? The light!

In order to obtain an elegant historic centre nest, you should decide on design lamps on low tables. In this way, you will create a really relaxing atmosphere. The matching between traditional elements and design furnishings gives character and unicity to the rooms.

Ancient and modern together to make your nest more intimate and elegant, to fully experience the timeless atmosphere of a historic centre home.

Eletta Home Staging

Would you like to receive more tips for your home in the historic centre? So, call now at our head office: Ilaria Peparaio and the other GE professionals will be surely able to give you all the information you need about our exclusive Home Staging service.

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