Argentero and Archibugi “stay-home” in their countryside farmhouses bought with Great Estate.

Argentero and Archibugi “stay-home” in their countryside farmhouses bought with Great Estate.

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Rigorously following what state by the Law Decree #IStayHome, the famous Turinese actor and the renowned roman writer and director, have decided to spend these difficult days during the national Coronavirus emergency in their farmhouses, bought a few years ago with the support of Great Estate.

Two important names in the Italian cinematographic and cultural sector: Luca Argentero and Francesca Archibugi.

Both the famous movie actor and the renowned writer, director, and screenwriter, relied on Great Estate Group to buy two splendid properties in the countryside: more specifically, in Città Della Pieve’s neighborhood, Umbria (Argentero) and in nearby San Casciano Dei Bagni, Tuscany (Archibugi).

We care to remember that the consultants who managed both the sales were Roberto Biggera and Stefano Petri, the CEO of our group. Moreover, we would like to suggest you the reading of the interview to Luca Argentero, which he granted to our magazine right on the occasion of his farmhouse purchase.

It is indeed in their wonderful country houses that the two celebrities decided to spend this hard and complicated time period, in order to stay home and follow the restrictions imposed by the government.

On March 22nd, when he was a guest in Mara Venier’s show “Domenica In”, the charming actor stated:

I am living close to Città Della Pieve, I feel so lucky to have had the chance to live in a house with much land around and in these days, it truly helps.

In the Umbrian countryside, the actor is dedicating himself to the growth of a vegetable garden.

I try to live as normally as possible, I spent months and months surrounded by a lot of people for a work that incredibly fascinate me but that takes a bit your time away.

When I’m not on set I try to live my everyday life in the easiest way possible.

On the other end, the renowned roman writer and director has posted her adhesion to the campaign #IStayHome on her Instagram profile through a charming picture in which she captured the breathtaking sunset taken from her wonderful farmhouse located in the hills above San Casciano Dei Bagni. It is right here, absorbed by a natural and calm environment that Archibugi has decided to spend these difficult weeks.

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