The purchase of country estates? Requests pinpoint a +20%

The purchase of country estates? Requests pinpoint a +20%

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Do you remember our article on the interview that Ville&Casali addressed to the GE CEO and regarding the return of the Italians to the countryside? Well, from the same research, another important element has emerged too. Let’s discover it.

The long period spent under the national lockdown with the consequent obligation of staying at home offered to many Italians, in particular the ones who are currently living in large cities, food for thoughts: the value of the life quality.

We would like to propose to you back what a dear vendor of Great Estate, Mr. Umberto Masci, said in our recent interview: despite he is living in the center of Rome, Umberto decided – together with his partner – to spend this emergency period in Tuscany at his amazing farmhouse.

It is now more than two months that we are living in the open air with the possibility of enjoying the garden and the land around the farmhouse. This pandemic has made me understand the importance of the land and the real life-quality. A life-quality that is completely different from the one you can have in a city apartment.

Many are the Italians who agree with Umberto by seeing in leaving the city a kind of relief to the strict rules in force during the coronavirus emergency.

A prove of that is represented by the data emerging from the research done by Ville&Casali:

while consulting 20 of the main Italian real estate agencies working on the luxury field and, among which, Great Estate in the figure of its CEO Stefano Petri (read here the article), the research highlighted that between February and April 2020 there has been a 20% increase of the requests addressed to the country estates.

So, it is clear how the clients of these agencies are gradually coming back to the countryside, the life at the open air and surrounded by nature at the expenses of the city: even if owing an amazing and comfortable apartment, in such difficult situation as the current one those suddenly seem to become almost unliveable.

This is what the editor of Ville&Casali, Giovanni Morelli, explained to SkyTG24:

this awareness stimulated the attention towards real estate solutions that bring in touch with a rural dimension.

Further confirmation of this trend comes from the requests made in view of the summer season, with an increase of the ones for the 2-3-months rentals of properties located in the hills or countryside. An almost “vintage” holiday reminds us of the trend of the ‘80s.

Morelli says also:

Moreover, thanks to the smart-working, the choice of living in the countryside has now become a concrete possibility.

So, the data and considerations that emerge from this research remind the ones of, in the last May issue, our CEO. If you miss that article, just click here.

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