Fancying Italy: The Telegraph Top 20 list

Fancying Italy: The Telegraph Top 20 list

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According to the prestigious British daily-paper, Italy is the right place where to spend your holidays after the COVID-19 emergency. To support that, it created a list with 20 good reasons to give yourself a trip to Italy.

Italy in the heart… at least into the one of the British journalist Tim Jepson who, on Telegraph’s pages – one of the most important daily-paper of the world – praises our country by encouraging his fellow countrymen to come back here when traveling will be possible. To do so, he chose 20 reasons.

Twenty: is that all?

This is how he started, by asking himself if that number could have been sufficient to tell about a country like Italy. Tim knows, as we do, that even 200 reasons would not be enough to decide to choose Italy because:

There is no country like Italy: its unique combination of art, culture, food, wine, fashion, opera, people, and landscape, as well as its old and new-, attractive and beautiful- mixings.

In his article, the journalist does a true love declaration towards Italy starting from its people: from North to South, Italians are unique, especially for their innate ability to appreciate the beauty. This is what Jepson said:

It is no wonder in a country where the finer things in life are so common.

The rest of the podium is between two outsiders, at least when talking about Italian beauties known worldwide:

In the second place, Jepson enters his glorious gardens by mentioning some of the main naturalistic beauties of our Bel Paese like Giardini Botanici Handbury in Ventimiglia or Giardini Ninfa in Rome.

The third-place goes to the small ancient hamlets, especially the ones on the hills. Among these, Sulmona, Tropea, Ostuni, Camogli, but he is the first affirming that the list is very much longer.

Then, the amazing natural landscapes and charming language because:

Everything sounds good in Italian.

A special mention goes to the lakes too, the same many artists and poets have celebrated for centuries.

The seventh place is the one of opera and, more in general, of all its main theatres, from La Scala in Minal to the small gems hidden in the cities like the one in Treviso or Ferrara.

Surely our food, so healthy, versatile, and various. Our wines and the amazing “culto del caffè”.

Nature is back at the eleventh place with the Italian mountains because:

Many countries have mountains, but Italy is the only one with Dolomites.

But there are no just mountains, there are also islands and stunning coasts.

Jepson mentions also our fashion and architecture, two “pride-sectors” of our country, while among the cities, the only one mentioned is Venice.

Our culture cannot miss as well, with galleries and art places and that constant coming back to the past through some of the most important Roman monuments.

To close this series of excellences, one that is very close to you: Tuscany, even if he is the first defying it as a cliché.

This amazing region, Great Estate’s “home”, had to be mentioned in this special list.

Everything you need to make your life really beautiful is here.

Those are Jepson’s conclusions, and we can only agree with him.

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