Energy Class A+: Today It Is Possible Also for Luxury Country Houses

Energy Class A+: Today It Is Possible Also for Luxury Country Houses

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Nowadays, the energy class A+ becomes available also for luxury country houses. Mrs. Eva Groth, the owner of “La Giommetta” introduces us her prestigious country house, recently restored and completely self-sufficient from the energy point of view.

Could you tell us something about yourself and how you have found our agency, through whom or by which means did you reach Great Estate?

My husband and I are from Norway, where we have been living more or less until 2006, both practicing in the health system.
After 40 years working with sick people, we wanted to make some changes in our lives.

We looked for an ancient ruin to restore in Italy, and found “La Giommetta”, in San Lorenzo Nuovo, a village in the province of Viterbo, very close to Tuscany.

Here I’ve got to know Great Estate, through the advertisement in one Italian magazine of the sector. Some time ago, I contacted Great Estate, because we decided to sell the jewel, looking for something smaller.

Could you tell us about your beautiful property: some details about the history and the quality of the property?

We have decided to purchase this big ruin with an idea to organise, later, the workshops for doctors, meetings, conventions and other events connected with the world of my profession.

However, having finished the restoration, we have found that it would require much responsibility to realise this project.
At the same time, the farmhouse was so well restored that to leave it only for our family use would not be enough satisfying.

So, we have decided to dedicate one part of the farmhouse to the tourist rentals.

Today, La Giommetta can host up to 22 guests.

As for the structure, me and my son have spent five years to design and realise our project of restoration.
He is a professional in the construction industry and he has helped me a lot.

There were used only Italian materials but the thing I would like to pay attention on is the energy saving project that we have brilliantly implemented in our property.

In this regard, we know that La Giommetta is self-sufficient on water and energy service point of view: a charming property at no cost! Could you tell us about this choice?

Yes, exactly. We have dug 176 metres under the ground to find enough water. Our efforts were rewarded: the water streaming from the ground looks like that one of the mountain rivers in Norway!

The geothermal heating, thanks to the sixty-cm pipe system under the floor, is able to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the day in the cold seasons.

And this is without any polluting fuel.

We have also installed the photovoltaic panels of high quality: with them, it is possible to produce much more energy than we need for everyday consumption.

The investment was very significant but today, it appears to be profitable: we are able to sell a lot of energy we produce, increasing the cost savings, that are already substantial. A really satisfying profit.

We would say that the energy class is also excellent: A+. It has given the high priority to environmental sustainability in restructuring “La Giommetta”: why this smart choice?

First of all, to have always a warm environment around. Secondly, to respect deeply the place and its preservation.
In Norway, unlike Italy, this type of investment is very wide spread.

We know that you have opened, from the scratch, a tourist rental structure, that is giving great satisfaction, is that right? Why this choice?

As I have already mentioned, we wanted to make the most of this farmhouse.

Initially, we have invested into advertising.

And Scandinavian, English and, finally, Italian tourists have visited Giommetta.

With the pass of time, it is not necessary any more to continue the advertising like this: word of mouth of our guests works really perfect.

Today, we are flattered by the continuous requests coming.

What services do you offer your guests?

The pleasure of the countryside of this area, the privacy, the relax, a tennis court, a magnificent swimming pool, the panorama but, first of all, the services offered by an excellent Italian cook.

Our son married the sweetest girl in San Lorenzo Nuovo. She used to run the pasta shop there, but is now catering for our guests at Giommetta, and helping us running the place.

She gives courses in pasta-making, and serves the most typical and delicious Italian meals you can ever dream of!!

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