The splendid Villa in Clitunno sold to international clients

The splendid Villa in Clitunno sold to international clients

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Recently, we have closed the sale of the beautiful “Villa Ma Provence”, located in Campello sul Clitunno, a beautiful town placed among green Umbrian hills, between Spoleto and Foligno.

We interview the ex-owner of the property, Mr. Cesaraccio Giampaolo.

Hello, Mr. Cesaraccio, could you give us some brief information about yourself? What do you do?

Hello! At this moment, I live in Rome and I am a responsible for Renewable Energy Development at one big French company. I devote all my free time to building activity, started by my father in Sardinia, the land of my origin.
We have built large hotels and residential structures in the beautiful areas of Palau and Santa Teresa di Gallura.

How did you know about the agency? By whom or through which channel did you reach Great Estate?

Two years ago, with one common acquaintance of my mother and of Pier Domenico Gervasi, the real estate agent who managed this negotiation, closed successfully, we were presented to Great Estate.

This summer, the English clients arrived and, thanks to the fantastic intermediation of Pier Domenico, we have managed to sell Villa Ma Provence.

Could you give us some more details about the history and the quality of the property?

“Villa Ma Provence” is a splendid stone villa immersed in the lush Umbrian countryside, in Campello sul Clitunno, in the province of Perugia. My mother always carried out about the property, cherishing the garden as well as the interiors. Over time, me and my family have done a small restoration and some renovations. All the systems were adapted to the new regulations. The villa was in excellent state of repair.

If you wish, could you tell us the motivations that made you sell the property?

We have decided to sell this beautiful villa because it was not used much, as by me, as by my brothers. My mother was not able to take care about it, as she would like to and as she always has done. That is why, even with regret, we have made this decision. Pier Domenico was an excellent interlocutor!

Can you share the dynamics of the negotiation with us?

The negotiation started in May 2016 and was closed at the end of July. The buyer has arrived in time, when the remain bureaucratic issues were resolved thanks to the great work of Pier Domenico. Great Estate has made a great support for us.

We know that some urban planning issues appeared and the professionals of Great Estate Partners asked about a technical report of the property immediately after the sale of a mandate, is that true?

Yes. Exactly, thanks to this, we have discovered the presence of some issues activated but not finished by the previous owners. Pier Domenico and Great Estate have done a good job in this case: they have managed to obtain all necessary documentation in a short time.

As for you, what are the strengths of Great Estate?

Professionalism, competence and ability to interact effectively even with the clients who do not have experience in dealing with the Italian bureaucracy considering their international origin!

What was the support of G.E.P. in the phase of negotiation?

The support provided by the professionals of Great Estate for us, vendors, during all the negotiation and for the international clients, decisive and eager to by the villa, was excellent!

Pier Domenico and Stefano Petri managed this sale at their best, even if it was not very easy. I remember also that exactly at that time when we closed the sale, the news about Brexit came out and, obviously, did not make the things easier. And, despite all this, we have achieved great results!

Would you recommend the Group to other vendors? If yes, why?

Absolutely, yes and I have already done this! My brother has a villa in Bettona, one Umbrian village: I have already sent him the contacts of Great Estate, advising him to rely on you.

Could you describe your experience with Great Estate?

As I have already told you, I am very satisfied with the job done by the professionals of Great Estate: they have demonstrated their seriousness, professionalism and patience. And the sale has been closed successfully despite the issues arisen in the process of it.

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