Ancient Watermill Sold in Tuscany – Interview with Mr Bellini

Ancient Watermill Sold in Tuscany – Interview with Mr Bellini

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Good morning, Mr Bellini. Could you tell us something about yourself? How did you find our agency, by whom or by what means did you come to Great Estate?

I found your agency through Rosella, a wife of my partner, with whom I have worked for 40 years. For a long time, I wanted to sell my property but my attempts were not success. And then, Rossella told me about her friend and his agency, so we made an appointment with Mr Stefano Petri, the owner of Great Estate.

Can you give some more details about the history and the quality rate of your property? What motivated you to sell it?

I bought this property many years ago. The times were much different than now. Bit by bit we started to restore it; firstly, just a part of the house and then, a few years later, all the rest.

For me and my family, it was like our kingdom, our oasis of tranquillity and entertainment! We spent there weekends and every free moment, including holidays, with relatives and friends.

Making the decision to sell the house was not so easy. Moreover, I came to this decision with much regret, because for me it was like a selling a part of my life.

Unfortunately, even having a lot of memories, connected with this house, I found that it was becoming very difficult for me – being able to maintain it and keep everything in order. So, I came to the decision to sell it.

However, I was convinced that the sale would not be very quick because my property was on the market for a long time and numerous agencies have done many visits but none of them have been able to find a really interested buyer.

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Were the offered services effective? Would you recommend our Group to other clients? If yes, why?

I should say that everything Rossella told me about Stefano and his agency was true; the owner, as well as the staff has offered me an extraordinary, qualified and extremely professional service and what is the most important – humanity.

As I have already mentioned, I thought that it would be impossible to sell my property but the director of Great Estate, Stefano Petri, did a thorough inspection of my property and in a few days phoned me to inform that he had a person who wished to see the house.

How do you get on with a new owner? What was the process of negotiation like?

We arranged a visit on Saturday morning, after which the potential buyer told us he liked the property and was intended to buy it! So it was!

In a short period of time, Great Estate managed to cope with the task that many agencies had failed.
I am infinitely grateful to Stefano and all his staff.

Would you recommend our Group to other clients? If yes, why?

Definitely, I would highly recommend your agency because, as I have said, I found an excellent qualified and professional service. Good job, everyone!

Special thanks to Stefano Petri, the great owner, who with his professionalism, honesty, humanity and deep love for his work accompanied and supported me, even in the melancholy moments of this step, which was not easy for me.

Thanks again and GOOD JOB, EVERYONE!!!

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